Monday, January 26, 2015

91. panda attack!

Last Sunday, me and Faheem went to see the 1,600 pandas which were on display at Publika until yesterday. I was so excited to go because I love this kind of stuff especially if it's free one-of-a-kind so I had to begggg my husband to bring. He had mentioned it earlier but I thought he was talking about real pandas. When I heard it was a world tour of 1,600 paper machier pandas I was like we gotta goooo. I was more interested in paper pandas wtf. 

So apparently, the panda tour aimed to: 

1600 Pandas hope to spread and strengthen the awareness of environment conservation to everyone especially the young generation, not just taking photos with the Pandas. There are many creative and talented people around us, let’s initiate the culture of creative conservation together.
Support 1600 PandasMY for Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation

Well, the queue to purchase the pandas was too long, so me and Faheem did the cheapo thang:

1. Wait for other people to take their pictures/selfies and clear the area
2. Extend our monopod stick thing
3. Take picture

Then proceeded to Ben's for latte and food.

Crossed off my bucket list of seeing 1,600 fake pandas!
Seriously though, watch for these cute pandas and if they're coming to your city.

Monday, January 19, 2015

90. the other pair

The biggest issue I have faced with the husband so far is that his socks tends to go missing. I don't know if there's a toyol (goblin) at home that steals his socks, or at night my cats throw the socks from the balcony, but we have around ten pairs of mismatched black socks, and I can't seem to find the other pair.

Every morning, Faheem will be shouting "B WHERE'S MY SOCKS?" and I will just say I DON'T KNOW WHY DON'T YOU ASK THE TOYOL (goblins?).

Okay, sorry my blog is full of boring marriage life type of things. Will try to put more cliche OOTD blog posts...

Friday, January 16, 2015

89. marriage life

We have only been married for 49 days so far and marriage life has been beautiful.

The number one question that people ask (and hint) is regarding:
When are you gonna have kids?

Oh my God, if I could barf when people ask about this.
Sure, we want to have kids! I love kids and always envisioned I would be a mom one day.
If we were confirmed having kids, I'd say "Alhamdulillah", thank you Allah for rezeki.
But pleeeeeaaaaaseeeee in Malay custom it's very "pantang" (taboo) to ask about these things.

Especially since we've been married for 49 days and even if we got "rezeki" on the first day, we should not talk about these things until three/four months because it's very "bad luck" to talk about these things.

Our rezeki is at His mercy and compassion.

Don't worry, if there are any good tidings we will let Facebook the world know,

Friday, December 5, 2014

88. the first prayer

After our solemnization, and photo ops and portraiture and what not, me and my husband finally settled into our bridal room. It was silence. Peaceful. It was around 8.30 pm, right after isyak prayers. The calm after the storm.

Right there and then, I rolled out the sejadah (prayer mat) he had given to me as one of the hantaran gifts, along with a telekung (garment women wear whilst praying). Instinctively, we decided to pray together. Solat jemaah.

The first prayer sealed the bond of husband and wife perfectly together. I knew the speed of my husband's prayer, his favourite surahs to read whilst he prayed, the angle of where he bent his head. It was a sweet, intimate moment, post prayer, when I kissed and salam-ed his hand.

For any bride-to-be's, I strongly suggest for you to pray with your husband. It is a sweet, tender moment you will remember forever.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

87. i am a puan!

Alhamdulillah, our akad nikah and bersanding has passed! My husband managed to lafaz the akad once. Am so proud of him :) Hope to chronicle our journey as husband and wife from now on.

SDE - SOLEMNIZATION JUNEE & FAHEEM from studio24seven on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

86. kes ragut/ assault + robbery @ oasis square

For many of those who know me, I was recently assaulted and robbed at B1 parking lot at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.  Here is my Facebook post status which got a little viral.

I was not using my phone at that particular time. In fact, I had gone down to the parking lot with a colleague of mine who parked her car behind mine. She left for less than 5 minutes to retrieve something in the office. There was not a soul to be seen. Within that time, the attacker had assaulted me. He demanded my phone and when I had panicked and screamed my head off, he punched me in my face.

He took my Samsung Note 3, which I had saved for a long time, as a hantaran (wedding gift), before running off to his bike which he had hidden well, and drove off, I screamed for a good few minutes until my colleague came down. No security guards ever came.

The management team then arranged a meeting with me (where they had insinuated it was my fault for the attack by trying to established if I was using my phone at that time, or if I had any enemies) and asked me for some tips to make it more safe. I told them:
  • Allocated single ladies only parking on the ground floor
  • Increase more security presence
To my dismay, they have started:
  • Giving out fines to ladies who drive alone (my colleagues) who park their car on the ground floor, saying it's for reserved parking POST assault, and;
  • Every time me and my colleagues go down to the basement parking lot, it's empty. There is no security presence there post assault.

BTW the CCTV did not cover the area I was attacked in, and the quality was unclear for them to see the culprit's face. The management had admitted that there are many locations for the motorcycle to enter and leave the area, and that there was high probability that they will not identify the culprit. So whose fault is it now?

I am now terrified to go out alone, to be alone, and to drive myself. My fiancé has to drive me to work and send me to work as I can't be by myself any more. Who will replace my sense of insecurity? 

Please help share because the management doesn't seem to be making sense to me.

Friday, August 29, 2014

85. What makes a marriage work?

Me and the fiancé had an interesting conversation the other day.
He mentioned an article he read online, aaaand it goes something like this:
'Apparently there was this marriage counsellor, who wrote an article.. she said that nowadays the reason divorces are more frequent is due to the fact that women now are more independent compared to the olden days. Before this, women would stay at home, cook, do chores, have kids, looks after the kids, whilst the men would go out and find ways to make money. Men would be the one who cheat. Because they can. Women were more dependent on men. 
'But now, women are equally as successful, if not even more. Not all women stay at home, cook, do chores. Many women opt not to have kids. They find their own way to make money. Women are the one with the power to cheat.
'In the counselling sessions, the men had adopted more feminine traits, and the women adopted a more masculine trait. The men would be the one breaking down, crying. Whilst the women would admit, on their part, that they had cheated on their spouses. So in a way, society had switch roles,' he concluded, driving nonchalantly down Tol Sungai Besi.
'Okay, b, what is your point?' I asked.
'There is no point. Just sharing with you,' he replied.
Gender inequality or equality? 

When I thought about it, it's quite true. Women are so successful now! We are so driven and determined to forge our own career paths. And wow, my heart is full of pride to hear many females doing so well. Vivy Yusof from, Malaysia's own entrepreneur who successfully launched an online fashions store. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCO, the second largest food and beverage business in the world by net revenue. Beyonce. Oprah. Kimora Lee Simmons. Powerful, strong women.

Sometimes, I am scared at my own determination to make my own way in the world that I tend to say yes to every opportunity I get to expand my name.

But maybe... along the way, some career women (not these mega women) got caught up in the thrill of the chase. The adrenaline. It's fine when you start dating that you experience butterflies in your stomach. When you fret for hours about what you are suppose to wear on a date. When you're so comfortable with someone, you tend to forget about dressing up. Out comes the sweats, the hoodies. Letting him see you barefaced is okay. So maybe that is when the sizzle fizzles out.

BUT! When someone else woos you, you melt and immediately that's when the relationship is in troubled waters. That is when you forget about what you and your partner for life has gone through. Instead, you start having feelings for someone who is feeding you what you have felt before.

I don't think you get married, have kids, live old together and that's it. I think a marriage is hard work. I've witnessed many people who are married, and the love just disappears after X amount of years. All the imperfections are easy to see, easy to pick out, you begin to find his quirkiness annoying. All his flaws irritate you to no end.

So, in a marriage, I think there should always be a balance between partners. But the best thing is, to never let a marriage become routine. Yes it's nice to watch Walking Dead marathons. Go for brunch. Attend weddings together. Read books together. But the key is you need to always add spice and surprises. A vacation. A date. A movie. Reading interesting articles to each other, even if the other party is yawning away. A walk in the park. Roses. Chocolates. Special, er, nights. I think many people have emphasized on how sex is an important part of marriage. Hopefully, when someone reads this, he/she realizes that I love white and pink roses ahem. With God's will, may our union be blessed and full of good surprises!

This post is a tribute to my favourite Hollywood couple, BRANGELINA, WHO FINALLY WHO TIED THE FREAKING KNOT! I still love you Angelina even though you're a homewrecker. Ho!