Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friends are like warts that you cannot remove.

"Friendship is like thighs, they are always sticking together."

We've known each other since 2003 onwards.. we've been through some rough patches, some "I'll-never-forgive-you-until-I-die" moments.. there were times when we weren't even speaking to each other.. there were times when we hid secrets from each other, sworn to secrecy by other people, or because we cared about each other.

DSC_0003-2.jpg picture by yjunee
Do the monkey- auk auk!

DSC_0017-2.jpg picture by yjunee
Drinking coffee and hot chocolate on my balcony at 4 am.

DSC_0029-1.jpg picture by yjunee
Sahur at McD's center point before fasting at 5 am.

DSC_0059-3.jpg picture by yjunee
All the fries leftover. I am the only one who consumes tomato ketchup.

DSC_0052-2.jpg picture by yjunee
Cellene is super chirpy at 5 am!

DSC_0038.jpg picture by yjunee
The look of love.

DSC_0073.jpg picture by yjunee
Me, Iklil and Cellene sleeping; Sarah's taking the pictures.

No matter if you cancel out on me, or you can't make it. Because, in the end, we will always find our way back to each other. Our paths and destinies have changed; we might not see each other as frequent as we used to; but the sahur in McDonald's; watching The Ring at 8 am and Death Becomes Her afterwards - made me realize that no matter the distance, we will always get back together. Love all of you guys - each and every single one of you, and may the path of our friendship be until the end of time <3