Thursday, July 22, 2010
- on the plane - in one of the textile shops - my future sister in law's father's stuffed tiger - on garuda airways - at a delicious restaurant -their national newspaper, kompas - endless koi fishes at the hotel pond - my bro and his lovely wife-to-be - my brother with the tiger - sibling love - textile shop - my bro, his wife-to-be, and my aunts looking on - the little girl in the textile shop - me & my dad - indonesian food, yummy - indonesian islands whilst transit flight from palembang to jakarta - me, my aunt, my mom + my grandpa at dinner - nasi goreng buntut, literally translates to fried rice with ass -the lovely bathroom - me and my future sister-in-law! - jakarta at 6 am -

The trip to Indonesia was wonderful. I just wish we had more time because everything was compacted into a 3d/2n trip =( But the food was amazing. There was so much photos to go through at the end of the trip. The only bummer was being stuck in transit from Jakarta to KL at the Jakarta airport because one of the Garuda people failed to notify AirAsia (our connecting flight from JK to KL) that we had a connecting flight, so we had to wait for our luggage at the luggage carousel instead of it being transferred directly by them. We waited at the airport for almost 6 hours, and they finally paid for another flight, courtesy of Garuda. We were of course, given a complimentary night stay at a really nice hotel, albeit dodgy on the outside, with free dinner before our flight the next morning!