Friday, December 9, 2011

8. the road less travelled.

Okay. Ill start talking to myself again, insignificant like a plankton in an ocean full of eager, hungry bloggers.

After graduating from school, I joined a company. With a "proper first job", ya noe, where you start earning your own $$$ and you spent a little bit contributing to boring shit like house bills and treating your parents to the odd random dinner.

That job was amazing. To be honest, I learnt so much there in such a short span of time (27th july - 28th november). And I met so many incredible people. My colleagues are people I will never forget, and memories of meeting bloggers was really fun. The weirdest thing, though, was that even though I worked for Asia's leading blogging platform company, I stopped blogging O_0

Working life was insane. Hectic. But what job in life is easy? (Unless you're that writer who gets paid to live on an island and write about it) :D I hope to blog more about life, and yes, that might be an empty promise, but STAY TUNED.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a glimpse

My awesome bro rocking his fake afro wig.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6. biker ready.

I must have an affinity for all things (or in this case, people) British, such as Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley, and Sienna Miller. There is something about the effortless chic they put into their style. I only wish it was cold enough in Malaysia for me to wear leather jackets =S Anyway, here is my take on Sienna Miller influenced with a motorcycle style, especially now that my boyfriend is crazy about superbikes (he bought a Kawasaki Ninja 250 back in February and is now looking at cruiser bikes). What he spends on his bike I wish I could spend on shopping, sigh.
biker ready.

Sorry I haven't been blogging as frequently as I did the previous week. I have been spending time with my girlfriends , eating, playing catan, was introduced to L4D2, and took photos for a marathon.

L - R: Me, Sarah, May & Ikhsan at the Standard Chartered Marathon 2011.

Since I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on Malaysian food I will try to incorporate some food pictures into my blog posts.

Laksa - it's made using spaghetti, and fish sauce which has been boiled for a very long time until the sauce thickens, served with fresh beansprouts, onions, and sambal belacan which is fermented shrimp mixed with fresh chilli and lemon sauce.

This is nasi goreng kampung - basically it's fried rice cooked with egg, chilli, green leafy veggies and chicken in a really hot wok, and garned with fried anchovies.

And finally, Biskut and Stinky waves you goodbye.

This is biskut. Actually she's called Cookie but I kept calling her biskut and so she's biskut now. She's Ikhsan's cat.

This is Stinky (actual name is Angel but she smells). She's a very old Labrador dog who is very enthusiastic and affectionate. She loves water but hates to be dried which is why she stinks. Stinky belongs to May.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5. british chic

One of my favourite style icons is Alexa Chung. No matter what she wears, she always look so sexy in an effortless manner. Probably because she has such flawless skin and she wears minimal make-up. She wears quite a lot of stripes infused with a military style. Most of the time she wears neutral colors, or black & white. If I had her wardrobe I would absolutely be happy.

So I logged on to create a look inspired by her. I haven't logged into my polyvore account for quite a while, but now that I have played around, it is quite addictive. I didn't include stripes into account but used the military, soft pastel shades as inspiration.

What do you think of this combination?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

4. from the getgo til the sundown.

Before I start my full-time, permanent job (and save up for that Eurotrip), I love the little things in life that makes you smile just for a second.

1. The beautiful sunset from my balcony.
It is breathtaking. And I get to see this every evening :)

2. Meeting up with people who have been away overseas studying
... and eating bbq chicken noodles that win at life. Welcome back Mayyyy!

3. Focusing more on the amazing bbq chicken wantan noodles.
I had more chicken than May's plate, hee. Yes, there will be plenty of food picture spam on my blog. Malaysian food is super-delicious. Mindblowing.

4. Witnessing my friends porking out.
Sarah and her pepperoni pizza. If she had told me she was too stuffed to eat it earlier instead of forcing it all away, I would have gladly eaten it.

5. Trying to be more original/eclectic with my style/dressing.
This is my casual day look. Top + leggings is F21, bag is H&M and thongs are from Vincci. Crazy frizzy hair optional (my hair straightener was vibing away electrical shocks). Sorry for the bad quality of the image, my phone is acting up :(

6. Poking Mazeltov endlessly and trying to feed it carrots/sunflower seeds.
Mazeltov bids you goodbye! Jumpa lagi!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3. diamonds and sparkles

I love sequinned/glittery/sparkly dresses. Granted, that you need a super toned body and cool haircut to pull off the intricacies of such a dress. But if I had that much money and haircut I don't think I would have given a damn on how I look. How amazing are these FARAH KHAN dresses?

L. amanda, rm 4749 (my favourite). R. hilary, rm 3682.

L. kathleen, rm 2700. R. michela rm 2951.

Completely gorgeous and stunning, i hope to see them on more celebrities for more exposure. I would wear any of these dresses with nude pumps, hair slicked up in a messy chignon and diamond studs. simple and elegant. Those are from the Farah Khan collection [source].

P.S. I am proud to add that she is a Malaysian-born designer :) Much like our Jimmy Choo.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2. superhero

when i was small, my dad paid for the van driver to pick me up from home to send me to school. more often than not, i would wave to the driver with my chubby hands and say "no, today my baba is sending me to school".

then i would poke my dad and say to him "OK baba, it's time for you to send me to school" while he was fast asleep, groggily brushing me away. he had to send me to school. i had missed the school van.

my dad was always my hero. he was this super giant, and i always believed he could save me. he was the one who picked me up, who found me, who swam with me, who made me laugh when I didn't get the toy I wanted.

this was our old house. one dad, my baba bought one of those old plastic pools you can get for 50 bucks at the home depo store. everytime he came back from work, he would see my brown butt sticking out from the pool. it didn't matter that it was shallow with rocks, sand and dirt. i would be paddling in that pool of seven inches in my snorkelling mask. that was when he decided to move to a condo with full amenities, and three swimming pools. ohhh boy, was i happy. i never felt more alive, swimming in the hot sun. my baba did that just for me.

my dad always told me, everytime i was in the car with him i would have this kind of puppy dog look, full of excitement. i guess i was just happy being in the company with my old man. and today, doing just the simplest thing, like frying ikan masin (salty fish) or stirring kari ayam (chicken curry) with my dad, is still the best memory. thank you baba for everything.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1. the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning.

my name is junee.
this blog was created to share with my friends and strangers alike on the mundane details of my life, some of them captured in a millisecond of a camera's shutter click, some random quotes and images that i admire and inspires my life, and also as a fresh start for me foraying into the "real life" as a fresh graduate of advertising studies, and developing my relationship with life and work. you will read about me lamenting about late nights, view endless photos of those i love, and be exposed to fragments of the world that i live and breathe in.

i LOVE coffee, travelling, and taking photographs. hopefully, by 2020, i can journey onto a eurotrip with my girlfriends for 2 months and trample europe's overexposed tourist destinations. berlin, vienna, rome, venice, paris, i'll see you in 9 years.

i currently live in malaysia. it is a beautiful country, with a rich culture and variety of food. i love living here, but there is so much more of the world to see. if you are from malaysia, apa khabar? and if you are not, just drop me a line anyway :) i ❤ meeting new people. get to know me, i will send you a postcard across the sea.

so yea, my name is junee, welcome to the page of my life ;)