Thursday, September 2, 2010

The following are old pictures that I did not manage to upload. *Most of it is food pictures. Maybe because it is fasting month therefore I am 10x hungried and 10x more prone to posting up beautiful pictures of glorious fooood.

DSC_0271.jpg picture by yjunee
This is Oyster Egg from Gardens, Mid Valley. Ughh it was soggy. I miss the crispy ones from Uptown.

DSC_0191.jpg picture by yjunee
14 Carat Promethean Golden Casket for the dead at a coffin exhibition. Such wealth and splendour!

DSC_0269.jpg picture by yjunee
In Malay, we call it Mee Basah. or Hokkien Mee. Noodles in Black Sauce. Delicious.

DSC_0316.jpg picture by yjunee
Sha's super fat, well fed, and helpless cat. Grrrrr.

DSC_0153-1.jpg picture by yjunee
Delicious Teppanyaki at Pavillion Food Court. Around RM 15. Roughly USD $5 plus.