Monday, December 7, 2009


my notebook adapter went kaput.
i was uploading pictures for sarah on a pendrive.
when i saw purple/blue/white sparks from the wire =/
and when it ried it just ow the power on the battery charger kept blinking
uwahhh!! acer sucks!
seriously NEVER buy acer
just stick to hp or compaq.

Friday, December 4, 2009

banter and laughter.

Ahhh i miss hanging out with my friends, especially since college drove us apart. it is a rare occasion that we can meet and lepak. laughter abound, with good food and the gap of something plus months plus a surprise appearance by an old friend made it one of the funnest nights i ever had since i left school.
IDK why everyone is leaning forward in this picture.
S is weirded out by me.
My best impression of a certain female botoxed-to-death artist. Guess who?
I look all crazy.
Amir crazy shisha whore.
Him arm-wrestling with Johnny.
Molesting S off-center.
Such looove.
I seem to be a bit touchy feely tonight.
Semi-group photo.

And you know it's not a Junee post unless I post some pictures of foods. Hee hee.
Waffle stick with "authentic" European strawberries. Sooo good. RM4 (USD $1.18/ 0.71 UK pounds) at One Utama Food Court.
Homemade spinach fettucine with carbonara sauce. Just bung it all in.

Some corporate wigs opened this candy shop called Sticky at One Utama where it's "traditional handmade yummies" so I decided to nose around.
Wary people blocking the store entrance.
Making the sticky sticky.

But for RM 9.90 (USD $2.92/1.78 UK pounds)for a damn lollipop, no thank you. I will buy two of those delicious waffles, mm.

P.s. Go and watch Ninja Assasin dammit. Who gives a rats nest about the plotline, the truth is you just want to watch Rain's body in action. Mwahaha.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

christmas spirits.

Although many of my foreign friends find it hard to fathom celebrating christmas in a tropical heat and predominantly Muslim country, here are some of the decorations to usher in the celebrations:
But where is the Christmas Tree? =(

Me and him went to eat Banana Leaf Rice yesterday at some obscure place off a highway. I can't remember the name of the place; it was damn expensive too. RM 19 for two banana leaf rice, one small assed chicken, one lime juice and one barley. Fark. I am better off sticking to nearby banana leaf restaurants.
Miserable sod.
RM 5 per serving, without rice. Fucking expensive.
At least they threw rice bits to the cooing pigeons outside.
My new obsession: Buttermilk bun from RotiBoy. RM 2. Get it get it. It tastes so good.


3 years ago, i did a few things that gradually caused me to loose my closest friends. at that time, i was stupid and blind, concluding simply on what i heard and not listening to my closest friend, who i should have turned to and confronted. looking back, i wish i could shake that person whose ego was sky-high, and tell her what a mistake she has made and what a stupid, reckless person she is. in that situation, where i thought i was wrong, i was angry for only a few weeks but my pride and ego got in the way; i refused to talk to my friends.

3 years later on i had finally apologized and said sorry. i have really missed them all. especially my best friend. i do not know how it is going to go but hope that they believe and accept my sincere apology; and since we can't start anew, i want to believe the past is the past. i was a different person back then. "forgive but not forget", she said. and i understand this; although it is in the past, the raw pains and scars are still there.

raya haji.

Been away because i went back to kampung (my grandparent's place) and babysitting my brother. Eghh. Here are a few pictures.
Best sweet and sour chicken rice!
Two generations. My grandfather is a hardworker yet he never gets his moneys worth.
My parents are a telenovela drama scene.
My uncle testing out some technology thingymabob to attract swiftlets.
At the beach. Jealous?
Trying to do a star-jump.
Random picture of pizza. Cheese is nice.

I realize I usually rarely elaborate more on life; perhaps I think the photos will suffice. At any rate, in case it interests you, I have finally finished reading The Diary of Anne Frank and Princess: A True Story of Life Behind The Veil; both non-fictions and depicting the life of real women. Anne Frank's diaries was translated into English - the form I read it - and even then it was almost as if I was looking through a window in her life at that particular time. It was so vivid, from rotten potatoes to having to be silent all the time. Princess - depicts the life of "Sultana" (alias), an Arabic princess of royal descendant and her oppresive life because she was born a female - chosen marriages, initial discouragement from education (asides the Koran), polygamy - this is told based on secret diaries and manuscripts given to an author.

It is always interesting to read stories and voices of people who write it based on their own experiences as you carry out a new perception of culture; war; love; religion, and so forth, in their world. So you should read autobiographical books which is always the best source of truth and clarity.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cheap things + little gestures goes a long way.

I went to my mom's new house in Putrajaya today, and it seems to be a really nice neighborhood. There are no fences, everything is open air concept. Thieves would probably have a ripe picking, but I do not think they will attempt it as police surveillance is medium, and all the neighbours are the types you see from The Stepford Wives.
The back of the house. You can walk your dogs here or whatever.
The neighbour's awesome porch. It's a really nice place to relax and drink tea after work.
My mom's gorgeous dining table!

He came over the other day to the house, and I was utterly thrilled to find this at my dresser when I went into my room. Such a small present but it really warmed my heart! I used to be the girl who did not like flowers, thought it was an absolute waste to buy something that eventually would rot anyway, but I guess it is different when it is from someone you have given your heart to.

Typical shisha session we had at this new place called Damascus Gates which was good the first time, but it sucked so much the second time round. Bleurgh. The architecture is very fanciful, though.
Scary cat lady.. Only joking, this is Sha.

Lunch at Kenny Rogers in Times Square. Man alive! I love chicken.
My three sidedishes. I loveloveloooove their potato salad, and this is probably the only place where I don't like the chicken much.
The bf's plate. The pasta thingy was horrible, eurghhh. Sorry baby, my three sidedishes were way better and slightly cheaper!

I found these two cheap tops I purchased in Times Square; yesss I admit, I'm a cheapskate when it comes to clothes. I would rather spend RM 100 on 5 dresses than RM 100 on a single dress from a "high end" store. End of the day, you only wear it less than 5 times, they are both mass produced, and it's not like people even see your label. Working in retail for close to two years made me realized; no matter the brand name, they all are usually made from China or Mexico, with cheap fabrics.
RM 19; approximately USD$ 6/ UK pounds 3.39
RM 25; approximately USD $7.36/ UK pounds 4.46

*according to University Currency Converter

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It has been raining heavily for the past few days. I love curling up in bed, the warmth of the sheets enveloping me and him sleeping next to me. The skyline is blurred and foggy, all you want to do is bake warm cookies, the smell of home wafting in the air, and sleep.

Getting ready for a night out, I discovered my mom's old boots. How wrong I was, eight years back, scoffing at her boots and its lack of style. My feet have grown and though the boots are slightly too big, I am in love. It reminded me of Alexa Chung and her stick thin pins plodding around urban cities with boots, she looks amazing!
Almost 9 years!
Her boots.
Short and stumpy me!

I bumped into my cousin whilst shisha-ing (a regular daily thing now, my lungs will be smoked out by the time I am fourty). I was thinking to myself, why is that girl squinting at me. Then she and I broke into a grin, recognizing each other's familiar face.
Yes, she is the one pointing a "gun" to my head.
Amir and Dennis contemplating chinese poker.
Stainless steel and Moroccon tea.
I love this orange wall, it's a perfect colour to do shots against.
The fluffy pink pipe. First I have ever seen of its kind in Malaysia!

And that concludes the wonderful night I had. Will be visiting this place soon (Damascus Gates, Jalan Damai, Ampang - look out for the one with a big yellow sign).