Friday, December 9, 2011

8. the road less travelled.

Okay. Ill start talking to myself again, insignificant like a plankton in an ocean full of eager, hungry bloggers.

After graduating from school, I joined a company. With a "proper first job", ya noe, where you start earning your own $$$ and you spent a little bit contributing to boring shit like house bills and treating your parents to the odd random dinner.

That job was amazing. To be honest, I learnt so much there in such a short span of time (27th july - 28th november). And I met so many incredible people. My colleagues are people I will never forget, and memories of meeting bloggers was really fun. The weirdest thing, though, was that even though I worked for Asia's leading blogging platform company, I stopped blogging O_0

Working life was insane. Hectic. But what job in life is easy? (Unless you're that writer who gets paid to live on an island and write about it) :D I hope to blog more about life, and yes, that might be an empty promise, but STAY TUNED.