Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Apologies for the absence! Schoolwork and heaps of assignment.. it's already pressing my social life and obligatory "family time" eurghhh. Here comes some of the endless pictures.

This was at Sha's place. She ordered tons of oysters and lots of people ended up eating the chicken... so I happily ate a lot.. like 25 oysters. Everybody forked out RM 35 per head, and that is like $10.22 USD. For friggin 25 oysters! What a steal. Here it is in closer zoom and all it's gooey glory.

Mm. I cannot remember where it's from, Manhattan or New Zealand. Anyway. The point is. They taste so damn good. Enough.

Me in class with Pingu. Apparently people call her that because she looks like the penguin, haha.

The cheesy crust thingy from Pizza Hut. I don't care if it's from PH, this was sooo good.

The mushroom soup I overloaded with parmesan sprinkles. Eurgh, I hate mushroom soup.

Garlic bread! Nuff said.

Me in a beanie from F21 and super huge grandma glasses.

This was amazinggg. For RM 10 though it was wee bit expensive just for baby prawns and aubergines.


Okay seriously monopoly deal is too damn addictive.

Sarah with blang-blang, super huge cat. It belongs to Sha's family and is very grumpy because it has been neutered and has never humped another cat.

Looking crap. It was hot okay.

Looking even more crap!

There's tons more photos but I am just going to post it bit by bit.Stuff like Ne-yo's concert and Valentine's day. And a super huge whale skeleton. Oh and my four year anniversary with the bf is coming up, not to mention my mom's birthday! Ideas anyone (especially cheap ones are welcomed) =)