Sunday, August 16, 2009

The malang-ness that is of Junee Y.

This year alone, I... :
  • had my phone stolen at work
  • had my wallet stolen the next day with my new phone sim card in it
  • misplaced my brother's camera and somebody took it
  • found out somebody did a hit-and-run with my car when I went to class
  • lost my organizer which contains practically my life schedules.

I think God is up there laughing at me. Dear god, please be nice to me. Let me "accidentally" find a camera and/or phone. Please let my organizer come back to me. I am so lost without my organizer!!! My assignments are all in there, okay. My class schedule, my lecturers contact number, etc. I NEED IT BACK BADLY. Feel so lost without it!