Friday, April 11, 2014

77. a moment to remember

This is my seventy-seventh post! 
Wazzaaap. 7 is my lucky number, so double seven means double luck.

So, to watermark this momentous week (cause I just celebrated my 26th birthday on 7th April!) I want to post about what a sweet, romantic moment I had on Monday, 7th April 2014. Because it's so beautiful. Because it's an endearing moment. Because I want to be able, to remember this story, when I'm 40, 50, 60, or 70, and I want to remember all the details. Because if my kids ever asked about the day their father proposed, this will be the story ~~

I came back home on my birthday, and my fiancé was wearing his black slacks, looking out of place in the kitchen. He said he had a 'surprise for me'. I suppose the surprise was him cooking a birthday meal for me. He didn't want me to enter the kitchen, and shoo-ed me to:
"Go and do stuff, I don't know baby, go watch your movie or something".
So I was just minding my own business, looking at floral arrangements for my headband business (oh ya I have tons and tons of artificial flowers at home). Then, he came to me saying, "baby, I don't want you to see this, but can you help me open this??" As a person who cooks, I knew what the package was when I saw the gold, vacumn-packed sheets... beef bacon strips!! Haha. His first time cooking a complete meal and he didn't even know how to open a sealed pack. Ishk ishk.

After I opened it, I went about my own business (note: groom cats). Barely a few minutes later, he asked me:
"Baby, how can you tell if a errr, ahmmm, springy carbohydrate is cooked?"
-____- So I already knew, he was cooking pasta. Pasta + beef bacon = carbonara for dinner. I told him to how to cook pasta al dente (to him, it means it's not so starchy anymore).

So then I went about my business again... barely had  time to sit down... Then he called me to the kitchen to ask me:
He had also used salt very sparingly so it tasted so bland haha. So I added in some Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper.

He told me to go into my room after everything, and told me not to leave the room at all costs. After 15 minutes, I asked him,"baby?? How long more is it gonna take?? I'm hungry"! And he shouted:

I folded some clothes whilst waiting for him. Was super hungry. Then, finally he called me.

So I came out of the room. It was pitch black.
Except for a trail of dim tealights.
Jessie J's "Domino" acoustic version was playing in the background.

It lead to a table, where the tealights spelled "MARRY ME?".

Here's the funny part. I was dressed in a baggy yellow shirt, and he was dressed in black slacks and a checkered red-and-white collared shirt, and smelled really good. So I ran back to my room shouting:
He looked so baffled haha. I changed into a red dress I had.  Walked out again, this time, he held my hand, said 'I love you', then got down on one knee. I actually can't remember what he said, I was really overwhelmed with emotions. He had set the table next to the balcony, it was pitch black, and we could make out the hills and the highway lights in the dark. He told me he had sweated so much trying to set up the candles haha.

The pasta was alright, but it was a beautiful night. A night to remember. He mentioned the last time he saw me wear the red dress was to a date we had in Publika. The restaurant's closed now. We talked, about our future. And I know, this man, who attempted to cook for me, is truly the man for me. And I can't wait to grow old and have kids with him :)