Monday, January 25, 2010


Today in class we learned more about media and freedom versus control. In my humble opinion, I truly believe that even if you restrict or filter media in the slightest, it is not called freedom of speech, rather control of speech. To me, the slight impose of any censorship of any form on published work or spoken word, cannot be called media already. My lecturer said that in our country, our media allows freedom of speech but there is a limitation to it. Perhaps in the following weeks I will agree.

But to me, the banning of anything is too restrictive; even though it is in the Federal Constitution that it is to maintain the peace of the country, it is better to be in a liberal country where you are allowed to speak your mind rather than to be in such a conservative country where issues regarding race, rights of the Malay race, and religion are not allowed to be spoken. But then I think again; if we were too liberal, the country might be in chaos - the hak keistimewaan might be questioned and there might be disagreement, causing riots.

We will see how my opinions change as the weeks go on. Yay for education.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pass Go.

Okay, so the start of this semester is driving me crazy, I had fever and food poisoning during the first week so I did not go to class. We are taking 9 subjects this semester, credit hours totaling to 30 hours and it's insane! It's just mothafarking insane. Plus, the German workload is ridiculous. 30 names to learn in a week, baby, plus all of its indefinate articles die, das and der.

Me and my friends have this new obsession called 'Monopoly Deal'. It's too damn addictive; I bought a pack the next day straight away. Damn you Parker Brothers for creating addictive games!

Speaking of games, we are nowadays easily amused with board games. Dennis brought his Celebrity Guessing Game thingy, which inspired a lot of laughter and amusement, from us and other patrons of the restaurant alike.
The weird thingy you put on your head. You insert a card slot on that thing on top of the head where a random celebrity, fictional or non-fictional, will be stated, and everybody except you can see it. You have to ask questions to guess what character it is. The first person to guess it wins! Amir got Frank Sinatra.
Sha got Scooby Doo hehe. And she got the scarecrow from the wizard of oz.
I had Count Dracula and Charlie Chaplin. My bf had Jack from the Beanstalk (!!!).

And random pictures of me and my sibling.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm back and I hope you had a wonderful celebration ushering in the new years! Here are some of the pictures from the past few weeks I have been away.
New Year with a bang! Helloooo 2010!
Me looking like a crazy drunk spraying the snow aerosol on C's head.
Playing twister while awaiting the countdown.
Snowing in a tropical country!
64 slices of large pizza and a cake for C.
In Putrajaya!
Putrajaya Building of Justice or something liddat.
Random Korean Bulgogi thingy. RM 20! Phewww.
Went to the zoo. The animals looks miserable.
Held this python that weighed almost the same as me.
At I's birthday celebration (she's the one in black dress and red scarf).
I met Sherlock Holmes! (ignore the stupid pose, it was for some facebook competition).

Yep just a lot of celebration and travelling around town.Semester has started and the schoolbell has begun; 2 more years of university and then I am done studying! Will be posting more intellectual shit (hopefully, anyway) this year.