Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok well I don't really update much at all nowadays, but I should do it more frequently. I find myself reading other people's blogs more often than I can even think about blogging. Maybe it's the nature of my ass of a laptop which seems to be having major problems every now and then. My acer laptop adapter went zhinggg! a few months ago and I bought a new one, but the new one went zhinggg! a day before my thesis deadline, so now I am borrowing someone's laptop adapter and hoping my stupid acer doesn't zhinggg! out on me again.

I think I am blogging for the first time in a few months because I finally have my own space to breathe. I am my own element, my own entity. I am not a package. I am me. I need to find myself again.

That said and done, I am flying off to London (woohooo! London!!!) in January 2011 to intern for an office there. It's paid for by my university. So woohoo! Can't wait. I guess I will be uploading pictures of London culture. Yay. Might even make a detour to Paris/Venice. We'll see.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The following are old pictures that I did not manage to upload. *Most of it is food pictures. Maybe because it is fasting month therefore I am 10x hungried and 10x more prone to posting up beautiful pictures of glorious fooood.

DSC_0271.jpg picture by yjunee
This is Oyster Egg from Gardens, Mid Valley. Ughh it was soggy. I miss the crispy ones from Uptown.

DSC_0191.jpg picture by yjunee
14 Carat Promethean Golden Casket for the dead at a coffin exhibition. Such wealth and splendour!

DSC_0269.jpg picture by yjunee
In Malay, we call it Mee Basah. or Hokkien Mee. Noodles in Black Sauce. Delicious.

DSC_0316.jpg picture by yjunee
Sha's super fat, well fed, and helpless cat. Grrrrr.

DSC_0153-1.jpg picture by yjunee
Delicious Teppanyaki at Pavillion Food Court. Around RM 15. Roughly USD $5 plus.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friends are like warts that you cannot remove.

"Friendship is like thighs, they are always sticking together."

We've known each other since 2003 onwards.. we've been through some rough patches, some "I'll-never-forgive-you-until-I-die" moments.. there were times when we weren't even speaking to each other.. there were times when we hid secrets from each other, sworn to secrecy by other people, or because we cared about each other.

DSC_0003-2.jpg picture by yjunee
Do the monkey- auk auk!

DSC_0017-2.jpg picture by yjunee
Drinking coffee and hot chocolate on my balcony at 4 am.

DSC_0029-1.jpg picture by yjunee
Sahur at McD's center point before fasting at 5 am.

DSC_0059-3.jpg picture by yjunee
All the fries leftover. I am the only one who consumes tomato ketchup.

DSC_0052-2.jpg picture by yjunee
Cellene is super chirpy at 5 am!

DSC_0038.jpg picture by yjunee
The look of love.

DSC_0073.jpg picture by yjunee
Me, Iklil and Cellene sleeping; Sarah's taking the pictures.

No matter if you cancel out on me, or you can't make it. Because, in the end, we will always find our way back to each other. Our paths and destinies have changed; we might not see each other as frequent as we used to; but the sahur in McDonald's; watching The Ring at 8 am and Death Becomes Her afterwards - made me realize that no matter the distance, we will always get back together. Love all of you guys - each and every single one of you, and may the path of our friendship be until the end of time <3

Thursday, July 22, 2010
- on the plane - in one of the textile shops - my future sister in law's father's stuffed tiger - on garuda airways - at a delicious restaurant -their national newspaper, kompas - endless koi fishes at the hotel pond - my bro and his lovely wife-to-be - my brother with the tiger - sibling love - textile shop - my bro, his wife-to-be, and my aunts looking on - the little girl in the textile shop - me & my dad - indonesian food, yummy - indonesian islands whilst transit flight from palembang to jakarta - me, my aunt, my mom + my grandpa at dinner - nasi goreng buntut, literally translates to fried rice with ass -the lovely bathroom - me and my future sister-in-law! - jakarta at 6 am -

The trip to Indonesia was wonderful. I just wish we had more time because everything was compacted into a 3d/2n trip =( But the food was amazing. There was so much photos to go through at the end of the trip. The only bummer was being stuck in transit from Jakarta to KL at the Jakarta airport because one of the Garuda people failed to notify AirAsia (our connecting flight from JK to KL) that we had a connecting flight, so we had to wait for our luggage at the luggage carousel instead of it being transferred directly by them. We waited at the airport for almost 6 hours, and they finally paid for another flight, courtesy of Garuda. We were of course, given a complimentary night stay at a really nice hotel, albeit dodgy on the outside, with free dinner before our flight the next morning!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yes, my post always starts with an apology and the title "I'M BAAAAACK!". Lots of things have been happening.

  • Started working at a rock climbing gym. In OU. Hehe.
  • Went to Indonesia - first flight in 8 years! - to see bro's engagement
  • Planning trip to Tioman Island next week
  • Got my results back, alhamdulillah it was more than I expected
  • Patching up old relationships, spending time with friends
  • Healing the past with my dad, spending more time with them
I want to reorganize my blog. Ahh intention is there but so is procrastination =X

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meatballs in Swedish times + Lamb

Dinner at Sha's

As usual, we invaded Sha's house at Ampang Hilir for a lovely rack of lamb main course.
Suffice to say, he lamb was really delicious. Mm, lamb. We paid RM 35 each and it was just as good, if not better, than the restaurants people usually pay exorbitant prices over microscopic proportions for.\

With the girls.


At IKEA for school assignment

OKAY I need a few minutes to rant about this ridiculous global company called IKEA. We first went to IKEA trying to arrange a meeting with anybody who would deal with us students for assignment, with a letter from our faculty no less.

, I went to the customer service counter, not sure where to began. She directed to their main office at the basement parking (which is quite a distance by the way!). So I went there, as directed.

the security guards there told me to go back to the first level, to the information counter - he told me there was a form I could fill in. So I had to walk back to the first level.

Next I asked the woman at the information counter about the assignment I wanted to conduct. That woman said that I had to go to the basement parking (!!!!) and try to apply for an interview. At this point my thought bubbles are incoherent and almost to the point of #$%#@#$% because I had wasted over an hour walking around from place to place.

FINALLY back at that basement parking office the guard let me in, to the marketing director's reception or human resource reception, I do not know. I was met with this receptionist, and I asked her if I could arrange an interview with IKEA for school purposes. She was like flat out "we do not conduct interviews with students" and I told her, please, to ask her supervisor or manager in charge if she could contact them and ask them about it, just so I can arrange an interview. Not to conduct one at that time, but just to arrange one!!

So she made a call, to a lady, the marketing manager, who said NO. Then she called the human resources manager, Andrew Leow, who said NO. I asked the receptionist I really needed to conduct the interview for my school work, so she said I could e-mail my request in to the Andrew Leow guy. My e-mail is dated March 2nd, and until this day they haven't had the courtesy of replying back.

I feel so dissapointed, I live in TTDI and my parents patronize IKEA all the time. I have always loved their meatballs - I introduced it to my friend recently who had been dying to try it but she did not want to go alone. IKEA tries so hard to portray this friendly image, which is why we picked the IKEA company. SERIOUSLY. If you will not conduct interview with students, please place a sign on your web-site or office doors, stating "WE DO NOT ALLOW STUDENTS TO INTERVIEW US FOR THEIR ASSIGNMENT" (I researched before, they had allowed students from One Academy to interview them, I suppose there's some sort of $$$ involved). The least you could do was either NOT WASTE MY TIME as your staff directed me back and fourth to 4 different places but also have the decency to email me right back.

We had to take pictures of IKEA by the way, so we did it illegally, because the "I'm-too-busy-HR-or-marketing-manager" did not reply. Dude, how long would it have taken for you to CC it to someone else in charge, if the email given to me by your receptionist was not appropriate for someone of your position.What a pathetic display of decency and respect. You should be ashamed IKEA. These corporate bigwigs cannot even spend a minute to reply to the message. Please keep your staff more informed ok, for the next hoard of students who does the exact same thing as I do, travel from Shah Alam and you just lead them around for 1 hour, before giving the email of somebody who is potentially a ghost. By the way, if you wanna ask me why didn't I email them first, would you have e-mailed