Saturday, October 10, 2015

097. kitchen renovation (before and after)

As promised, I would blog about the house renovation we did.

We purchased a corner unit at Kelana Puteri Condominium; the house needed a lot of work. The unit is approximately 1050 square feet. It was unfurnished and needed retiling for the kitchen, patio and bathroom. The house also needed a touch of paint.

We worked out with the deal with the previous house owners that they would allocate X amount towards repainting and retiling the kitchen, patio and bathroom, if we were to source the tiles on our own.

My major concern was the kitchen, as I would be spending a lot of time there (I love to cook). 

This was the house when we bought it. You can see there is a 6-feet wall between the kitchen and the dining area. We immediately planned to remove the wall as we envisioned having a kitchen island for a breakfast bar and to make the house look more spacious.

The kitchen, as it was before. I also dislike the slatted frosty window panes.

The contractors work in progress; we bought the terracotta tiles and vintage square design tiles from Jalan Reko in Kajang. The contractor made an error, where they tiled the patio walls, instead of tiling the kitchen walls to the top. It was a costly mistake, and we could not afford to purchase any more tiles.

The view from the kitchen end. As you can see, the contractors were very messy. You can see that the heck is not even.

The kitchen after they retiled, repainted the walls and door, and hacked the wall. The contractors "forgot" to wash the floors with acid so there were still some paint stains on the floors. We still haven't fixed it. The contractors left it like this.

We purchased our Kitchen Cabinets from IKEA, and contracted their workers to work on it. I'll edit the post later and hope it will help any first time houseowners in your process of building your dream home.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

096. Whaddap g?

Apologies for the absence as I had so many projects launching and I was getting used to being an entrepreneur working by myself. Yes a few updates!
1. We bought a house
2. We retiled the kitchens and bathrooms
3. We replaced the toilet bowls and sinks
4. We did a Kitchen with IKEA

I will some detailed posts on those subjects but I hope to be blogging more regularly now that the dust has settled!