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Recipe: Easy, Beginners Nasi Lemak (With Step By Step Photos)

"Nasi lemak", which literally translates to Fat Rice in English, is a popular and signature dish in Malaysia, typically served for breakfast. You can find different versions of this within almost 5 km radius anywhere in KL on a normal weekday. Traditionally, it was eaten by our ancestors as breakfast due to the labour-intensive work they had to do during the day, such as rubber tapping, agriculture, carpentry etc - and nasi lemak fuelled their daily activity. 

Usually, nasi lemak's main focus is the rice, cooked in coconut milk, along with its' other condiments, mainly the sambal (spicy dried chilli sauce), boiled egg, fried anchovies, cucumber, and peanuts. Sometimes it is also served with other protein such as fried chicken (which you can see above), rendang, gulai and other dishes. I tend to get breakouts when I eat ground peanuts, so I usually never include it when I prepare nasi lemak at home. As it is a rather tedious cooking method, I cook this maybe once or twice a month. This is the most fuss free recipe to satisfy your nasi lemak craving.

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Recipe: Cili Kisar/ Homemade Dried Chilli Paste

Cili Kisar (Cili Giling in the supermarkets), or Homemade Dried Chilli Paste is a staple in Malaysian recipes. This is the base for many sambal (Chilli) dishes in Malaysia. It's a relatively easy item to make, except for the fact that your hands will be "heaty" for a while, so you can't rub your eyes, touch your skin or take a shower for a good while. When I was younger, I hated making cili kisar because my mom would make me cut the chillies and I would sweat profusely and rub my eyes afterwards.

You can use it for rendangmasak hitam, sambal dishes and many other Malaysian dishes. It keeps in the fridge for one week and freezes well too (freeze in portions!). I always only make one portion because I dislike cutting so much of the chillies and deseeding them. Some people don't cut them, some people don't boil them (they just soak them in hot water) but I prefer cooking it to be safe and to reduce the spice level.

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Food Review: Fish & Co. Malaysia Cheesemeltz Promo @ Paradigm Mall

Fish & Co. is a casual, full service family chain restaurant that serves seafood in a pan. Once in a while, we would visit Fish & Co. whenever we had a seafood craving. As seafood is quite costly nowadays in whatever restaurant you frequent, it's an indulgent treat for us once in a while. Which was why we were excited to discover the promotion of the Cheesemeltz series with 30% discount.

I added on Soup Of The Day (Fish Chowder) + Drink (Orange Juice) to my meal so my daughter could enjoy some seafood goodness. The soup is has thick texture, but every bite is a mouthful of seafood explosion in your mouth. It has a very creamy taste. For RM 10.95, it's a good deal as the soup itself is a big portion.

My daughter waiting for the next spoonful of Fish Chowder... 

Our order of Fried Calamari Rings. Fish & Co. offers you fried or grilled. I prefer the Fried version, as the crunchy crispy coatings provides a nice satisfaction against the succulent rings. RM 18.95.

My order of Ebiko Gratin. I ordered it not knowing what to expect. The grilled white fish was cooked perfectly, however I found the Ebiko Gratin topping to be slightly sweet to my liking (I think it was the mayonnaise sauce?). The ebiko provided nice surprise element of saltiness. Promo Price RM 18.85, Original Price RM 26.95.

My husband's order of Baked Mozzarella White Fish. I loved the taste of this dish! The succulent white fish worked perfectly with the melting, gooey cheese mix. Sinfully delicious! Promo Price RM 18.85, Original Price RM 26.95.

My daughter is eyeing the plump and juicy lychee from the Lychee Mojito. It has a very refreshing taste, boosted by the burst of fresh lychees in every bite. RM 12.95.

Our total bill. The original total would have been RM 96.75, so thank you Fish & Co. for this promotion!

  1. Variety: 4/5
    1. Considering the promo was for the cheesemeltz series, they offered a good mix of cheesy offerings (there was also Pesto Parmesan and Grilled Parmesan), maybe they could offer different types of fish to cater to those whose tastebuds are not so white fish-inclined.
  2. Taste: 4/5
    • I don't think Ebiko Gratin would have been everyone's cup of tea, but I loved the Baked Mozzarella White Fish. Would order that next time. The fried calamari rings was to die for. And the mojito was the right blend of sweet and fresh!
  3. Value for Money: 4/5
    • For RM 18.85 per cheesy baked fish meal, I thought it was very reasonable! 
  4. Cleanliness: 4/5
    1. Relatively clean, although I think there's room for improvement.
  5. Service 4/5
    • There was a slight issue with my seating placement, which can be improved. I have informed the management regarding the matter and they will resolve the issue. The fisherians were quick to assist with the order and helping to clear the plates when we were finished.
  6. Overall: 4/5
    • I wish the promo was longer so I could try the other variations of the cheesemeltz! I do think if the Ebiko Gratin topping ratio to fish was perfected, the fish could have tasted differently. Otherwise, everything else was spot on!
Fish & Co. Malaysia Cheesemeltz Promo, Selected Outlets @ Malaysia
14 - 18 August 2017
Address (Paradigm Mall):
CF-53 Paradigm Mall,
No. 1, SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


*This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Fish & Co.