Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok well I don't really update much at all nowadays, but I should do it more frequently. I find myself reading other people's blogs more often than I can even think about blogging. Maybe it's the nature of my ass of a laptop which seems to be having major problems every now and then. My acer laptop adapter went zhinggg! a few months ago and I bought a new one, but the new one went zhinggg! a day before my thesis deadline, so now I am borrowing someone's laptop adapter and hoping my stupid acer doesn't zhinggg! out on me again.

I think I am blogging for the first time in a few months because I finally have my own space to breathe. I am my own element, my own entity. I am not a package. I am me. I need to find myself again.

That said and done, I am flying off to London (woohooo! London!!!) in January 2011 to intern for an office there. It's paid for by my university. So woohoo! Can't wait. I guess I will be uploading pictures of London culture. Yay. Might even make a detour to Paris/Venice. We'll see.