Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life in pictures.

So yes, when I lack blog updates, I make up in pictures. I'll try to keep it as small as possible. Things such as a wedding, a Californian psycho, and small & private house partay!

Lieza's Wedding

My friend Lieza (when we worked together at Topshop) was getting married in some area really hard to find. She looked absolutely pretty. Felt kind of jealous yet happy for her =)
On the way. Yes, me make-up skill is not that impressive.
She looks like a Malay princess, kan?
Yes folks, it was really hot.

It was really hot and humid that day, I'm amazed that she managed to stay cool above it all. I was sweating so much. Some drugged out guy was sitting across me, I don't know where he came from, he was really out of it D= That was kind of scary to see the impact of drugs.

This is Raudhah

Hahaha this picture still makes me crack up. This girl is Raudhah, she's studying in California and she was on term holidays. So Raudhy decided to surprise her parents by ambushing them with an unannounced visit, and me and my bf picked her up from KL Sentral.
I wanted to get some Krispy Kreme for my mom, so we went there and Raudhy got crazy because she sees this stuff almost every day. Om nom nom.
So sweet and sinful!
She's just excited from the prospect of being in KL and having Malaysian food.
The guy in the back looking straight at the camera kept smiling and posing behind Raudhy, so here's to you, Krispy Kreme baker boy!
I don't know how Raudhy has like 32137829 facial expressions!
So I decided to join her.
Sending Raudhy back to surprise her mom. That blue bag in the back is her luggage. It took up an entire seat!

Monkeys invaded my house!

People tend to drop by my house, for foods, or food shisha, or just for the view. The balcony is up for claims almost every night.
The right is an example of a chimpanzee.
The guy on the left looks scary but he's really nice =P He has a crush on my girlfriend.
Chimpanzees can play cards too!
Lol scary guy with his rebonded hair.
Burn enjoying the hookah.

Rasta nights.

Rasta. Overpriced food and drinks. Overpriced hookah. Yet many people go there, it's the "place to be seen". Hot chicks are an abundance here, in maxi dresses, short shorts, and guys have a tendency of wearing trucker caps, a Roxy/Billabong shirt, and checkered Bermudas + expensive colourful shoes. There's also senior people here, they relax to super-expensive coffee. It's a nice place to relax in though, when at nights it's cold and the cool wind breezes through all the time.
Me and Teha, an old friend. We go way back. Eeee smudgy eyeliner!
This is Syaq, she's so cute and petite! Hahah she was supposed to be in her dorm, "studying", and her parents came to check up on her that night -_- Thank God my house is around the area, we managed to sneak back and told them she was staying over my place to "study" =P I feel so bad.
My dorky bf with his afro hair... he finally cut it a few days later..
Yes, we tend to spend our nights hookah and play cards!
Syaq sniggering to herself.


Eh there's more pictures but I can't load them all into this post. Until then.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock climbing!

Last Thursday, I finally got over my fear of gayat (heights) by rock-climbing at Camp5, where my boyfriend works. I'm still nauseous at the thought of climbing 8 meter high walls, but it was fun and challenging! Pictures describes it better!
My warm up exercise. Was scary at first!
Chunky thighs climbing.
My boyfriend traversing like a cicak (gecko house lizard).
wall, it's 26 m (I think) high. I got halfway up and got tired, ha.

I made the mistake of climbing the sentinel wall three hours after rock climbing. It was so frustrating to wanting to climb more, but my fingers were blistered and my palm was sweaty. Burn (another worker) asked me to go with a bunch of people to climb at Batu Caves the next day, because he was doing a BBQ as well. Reluctantly I agreed...
The stupid jam on the way. It was a Friday morning and good God I don't think I have the patience to drive through KL from my house if I had a regular 9-5 office job o_o
3 other hitchhikers. 3 single guys all stuck together.
We stopped to buy chicken for the BBQ on the way.. the chickens were still alive when we came. Super fresh.
Danial H. admiring Desmond's gadget. Set him back way over RM 10K!
Syazzy taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
The spectacular sight that greeted us!
There were already some people doing lead and top rope.
Noel, super climber with endless carabiners.
Me and my bf helping Burn to chop garlic with swiss army knives and pound them with a rock lol.
Burn's on my right. My bf with his new geeky hairdo.
Can you see the huge ass boulder? It seems like it will topple and crush us any time soon.
See the size comparison to Noel!
I think this is the 20+ meter rope. Twing.
The bf climbing in jeans, no less.
The guys seems to like wondering around topless.
Noel sunbathes and Nick looks on.
Obligatory shot. I have rabbit teeth!
Oya and some guy bbq-ing the 12 kg of fresh chicken!
Mmm.. chicken.

There wasn't enough time/harness/routes for me to do the rock climbing and honestly, I confess that I think I was trying to put it off. It doesn't look huge in the pictures, but the caves are horrifyingly high and gigantic, and I'd like to practice a wee bit more before I try to conquer the rough terrains. I want to keep doing this, but Camp5's cost are too pricey (RM 30++ including harness and shoes) for me so I'll try out at Shah Alam or Wangsa Maju.

If you haven't done rock climbing you should try it out. It's free for first timers (Camp5).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I was watching Kill Bill 1 and 2 the other day (marathon!) and afterwards I was surfing the net when I read the news that David Carradine was found dead. I am sure many movie buffs are aware of the actor's death, and probably more towards the unusual way he died.

Thai police told the BBC a hotel maid found the 72-year-old naked in a wardrobe with a cord around his neck and other parts of his body... Thai newspaper The Nation reported that police believe the actor took his own life, and preliminary investigations found that he hanged himself. [source]

Police believe Carradine, 72, died of accidental suffocation after attempting auto erotic asphyxiation – a sex game where participants derive pleasure from being partially strangled. [source]
I remember watching him in Kung Fu (movie), Martial Law, Alias, Big Stan and Epic Movie! Man. It's just kind of eerie that I would watch Kill Bill and find out about the news later. If he did die from the autoeroticasphyxiation - in my opinion, nothing wrong with doing whatever that gets your jollies off - then all I can say is at least he died happy. Or attempting to. Rest in peace, "John Arthur" Carradine.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Thar she blows.

I went back to my kampung in Melaka on Sunday, to visit my grandfather and my cousins. How they grow! Since I last saw my cousin (5 months ago), they have grown taller and now are taller than me (compared to last time when they were up to my shoulders). And they're only 13 years old!
Me and my brother on the way to Melaka..
My naughty cousins! Forgive my face mask, eghh.
Amin. This one grows sideways, not height-length.

I was on my way back to KL from Melaka (3 hours journey by the way! Bumper-to-bumper traffic... compared to the normal 1 hour 30 minutes!) and my boyfriend called me to tell me he was invading the swimming pool at my condo.

When I arrived, this was what I found;
Tarzan man-thing.
Olymphic races where some of them swam in the opposite direction.
Maybelline model in the making.
Head of the monyetx2, my boyfriend.
Tarzan number 2.
Bloated walrus.

Never know what you will find in your swimming pool!