Thursday, September 18, 2014

86. kes ragut/ assault + robbery @ oasis square

For many of those who know me, I was recently assaulted and robbed at B1 parking lot at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.  Here is my Facebook post status which got a little viral.

I was not using my phone at that particular time. In fact, I had gone down to the parking lot with a colleague of mine who parked her car behind mine. She left for less than 5 minutes to retrieve something in the office. There was not a soul to be seen. Within that time, the attacker had assaulted me. He demanded my phone and when I had panicked and screamed my head off, he punched me in my face.

He took my Samsung Note 3, which I had saved for a long time, as a hantaran (wedding gift), before running off to his bike which he had hidden well, and drove off, I screamed for a good few minutes until my colleague came down. No security guards ever came.

The management team then arranged a meeting with me (where they had insinuated it was my fault for the attack by trying to established if I was using my phone at that time, or if I had any enemies) and asked me for some tips to make it more safe. I told them:
  • Allocated single ladies only parking on the ground floor
  • Increase more security presence
To my dismay, they have started:
  • Giving out fines to ladies who drive alone (my colleagues) who park their car on the ground floor, saying it's for reserved parking POST assault, and;
  • Every time me and my colleagues go down to the basement parking lot, it's empty. There is no security presence there post assault.

BTW the CCTV did not cover the area I was attacked in, and the quality was unclear for them to see the culprit's face. The management had admitted that there are many locations for the motorcycle to enter and leave the area, and that there was high probability that they will not identify the culprit. So whose fault is it now?

I am now terrified to go out alone, to be alone, and to drive myself. My fiancĂ© has to drive me to work and send me to work as I can't be by myself any more. Who will replace my sense of insecurity? 

Please help share because the management doesn't seem to be making sense to me.