Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy One Year Old Imaan!

We celebrated Imaan's first birthday at Chili's Paradigm Mall. No brainer, we love to eat there as it's close to home, everytime I go there I will order the Honey Chipotle Chicken (even though it's crazy easy to just make it at home) and kids get to eat for free (free chicken for Imaan).

 With the birthday girl who seems more interested in her free cake.

"Ma, are we done with phone? Can I eat my cake now?"

We love you so much Asiya Imaan. You've been a blessing to our lives and it's been mommy's greatest privilege to take care of you. May you grow to be someone caring, loyal, always joyful and optimistic, and of course take care of your mom when she's old..

Okay we're done with dinner because someone's a little cranky.