Friday, May 24, 2013

55. catty behavior

I have three beautiful cats:-

(Clockwise from top left: Caramel, Fame, Panther & Max).

1. Caramel
I don't really instagram many pictures of Caramel :( Come to think of it, I don't really know why. Well, I know why. She's a feisty little minx. (I had more on my new phone, which is being repaired in the Sony Centre at the moment). I will upload more solo pictures of her.

In my opinion, I feel like she's the prettiest one, and she knows it (probably why she's not too affectionate, cause she knows she'll get anything). She's five months old, with beautiful, Bengal-like brown stripes. At the age of 3 months, she killed a bird that was flapping around on my 19th floor balcony. She'll bite your hand playfully, but when I come home and chill at my sofa, she loves to lick my feet. Ick, but endearing.

2. Fame
(Fame and Caramel are names my friend's 12 year old sister gave to the kitties, so go figure). Fame's Caramel's brother, who died when he was 3 months old. Fame was very playful, and loved to bite my fingers and toes (maybe the foot fetish runs in their genes). I adopted Fame, Caramel and Panther from the supermarket at the same time. He was a beautiful grey color, and I do miss him. But with three other cats on my plate, they keep my occupied enough as it is.

3. Panther
Panther is the super affectionate one in the house. She's curl up to you any chance she gets, whether you're trying to read the newspaper, or watch a movie on your laptop. She has a very weird meow - I can't describe it, except that it sounds "wonky" haha. I used to find her so annoying, but she's grown on me (maybe cause the other two are not as affectionate). She's 6 months old. In the picture below, my housemate used extra fabric from his trouser legs 

4. Maximus
Max is the King of the house, and causes havoc at home. He's a greedy bastard, who ends up pawing the other two kitten's bowl towards him once he gobbles down his portion. You can read about my journey with Max here

He's quite fat. I've been trying to cut down his food intake, even changing to expensive no-filler cat food :( I don't know where he gets his extra fats from.

So these cats do fill up a good portion of my day. If you're thinking of adopting cats (please adopt!), keep in mind that your furniture will be destroyed, they'll break everything possible in the house, and be prepared to invest in expensive things like shots, anti-flea spray, food, deworming syrup, and so forth. But they comfort me so much, and I love them. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

54. monochrome

I love Jessica Alba. She's a great role model, combining her life as a mom, actress, and entrepeneur of The Honest Company. I also love her style.
She always seem so chic and stylish, no matter where she is, for whatever function. If you notice, she tends to stick to a lot of black, white and grey palette. She also wears fabrics with micro patterns. 

That's my take of a black and white palette.
With red wedges to add height to my shortness.

Terrycloth cotton cardigan from CurvyLurvy.
Tank top and wedges from Forever 21.
Leggings from Cotton On.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

53. The way I feel inside

It's weird that I feel the way I do. I never know it could feel like this. That the gulf of love and passion is so vast and endless. It's like I'm on an emotional high. A constant high. The giddiness I feel inside when he looks at me.

The butterflies and knots in my stomach, trails a euphoric feeling across my head, lifting my soul into this feeling of love. I love the warmth of his fingers as he traces it on the back of my hand, or intertwines my fingers in his. When he whispers, 'I love you', it's the sweetest thing I have ever heard, the way his mouth curves into a 'U', sends my head into a spin. It's the best sugar rush I have ever had without the real thing.

When he arches his neck, and laughs his comical laugh, sometimes it sets my spine tingling, and my blood warms with the vibration of his sweet voice. I love the way his hair is so long, that they curve upwards to the sky, at the nape of his neck. And I am in love with his towering height, and how comforted I feel when he leans forward to gently dust my forehead with his sweet kisses.

My soul is set ablaze with his love. I'm burning the hottest furnace of love there ever has been in my heart. It makes me want to be a better person, because I am loved by him, and him; I. Everything they ever wrote about, described, sang, told about, idolized about this concept of "love", I finally understand. Now I know why Nabokov could write the way he did about Lolita

52. updates, updates

I haven't updated this blog for a wee bit. I apologize for neglecting it, there's been so many things in my life lately! First of all, I started, which is a mini blogshop offering handpicked, quality and affordable clothes for short, curvy people like me :) I offer clothes like the following:-

I offer free postage within Malaysia (woahhh!!) so do place your orders now by visiting:-

Or follow me on instagram (cause that's where I upload my things first) at 

Anyways, another big news is also under wraps. I can't reveal it yet, but Alhamdulillah it's such a rezeki and blessing for me and hopefully (not to jinx it) everything will work out. Okay I'll try updating daily. So sorry for being so late in my updates. I might be doing more outfit of the days now :)