Tuesday, March 4, 2014

76. of cheating men

Actually, I've been wondering why this Hanez Suraya name is suddenly so popular... then on my Facebook feed, terkeluarlah update from beautifulnara.com tentang the whole instagram upload, the fact that the guy she's going out with actually is still married... this Hanez went to Thailand on holiday with this celebrity... That Hanez uploaded a picture of her and his children.

The truth is, once you are a celebrity, you are a public figure. People look up to you. People talk about you. People want to be you. So when you go out with someone who already have kids, mestilah orang tertanya. Lagi-lagi kalau upload dekat Instagram. Anak sapa ni? Nak tunang ngan ayahnye ke? So, I don't agree with what she did, even if she did not know he's still married. If anything, should have waited until they both kahwin, baru boleh macam mak orang. Usually, private matters should remain private, but this is what happens when your dirty laundry is aired to the public... when you have 100,000++ followers in Instagram.

This is an article I read from Mr R's wife... it's quite sad, to find out your husband's infidelity from your friend... from the social media...

I can understand a little of what this lady is feeling, tapi kenapa blame Hanez sahaja? Kenapa tak blame Mr R. sekali? Memang susah nak faham sikap lelaki macam ni yang suka main kayu tiga ni. Lagi-lagi yang dah kahwin, dah beranak. Ishk, memang geram with this sort of guy. Tuhan dah kurniakan you with a beautiful family tapi still nak main kat luar.

Actually, I dah write quite a bit... but lately before posting I always take a few seconds to reflect, is my posting positive or negative? Will it affect the world for the better? For my case, yes. Kalau ada any of my readers, yang male reading this, please understand, marriage is not a joke.

It's not easy. Once you kahwin, you kahwin until jannah. Forever. The end of time. Dosa bini you tanggung. All the smile and laughter, is caused by you. Tears on her face too. A woman bears the scars of pregnancy, stretchmarks, extra weight, so she can give birth to a life, a human being, created between the love of a man and a woman. Koyak segala-galanya. The pain she bears before pregnancy, during, and afterwards - it's not a joke. During pregnancy, she's up all night vomiting from the morning sickness. During birth, she's tearing her body to give birth. Post birth, she's bearing the physical marks and scars. She has the responsibility to feed and nurture her child. So please, janganlah just 'up and leave' her. Find beauty in her smile, the journey you've shared, and cherish that. All 'hot piece of ass' will eventually wither anyway.

I hate cheaters. Liars. It makes me sick that you can 'love two women' or claim to have so much love for other women, sedangkan you dah janji untuk forever and always with someone first. There's no such thing. Jodoh you dah ditentukan Tuhan. But it's not just gonna stay all roses and shit forever. You have to work at it. Nothing stays the same, so it takes both parties to work at it.

Perempuan pon, if you're going out with someone who *might* be married, find out everything you can. Kalau tak, jatuh maruah you. Kenapa nak kacau rumahtangga orang lain? Just chill, leave it. You're so beautiful, you can probably find another man anyway.

Okay end rant. Sorry.