Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm back and I hope you had a wonderful celebration ushering in the new years! Here are some of the pictures from the past few weeks I have been away.

New Year with a bang! Helloooo 2010!

Me looking like a crazy drunk spraying the snow aerosol on C's head.

Playing twister while awaiting the countdown.

Snowing in a tropical country!

64 slices of large pizza and a cake for C.

In Putrajaya!

Putrajaya Building of Justice or something liddat.

Random Korean Bulgogi thingy. RM 20! Phewww.

Went to the zoo. The animals looks miserable.

Held this python that weighed almost the same as me.

At I's birthday celebration (she's the one in black dress and red scarf).

I met Sherlock Holmes! (ignore the stupid pose, it was for some facebook competition).

Yep just a lot of celebration and travelling around town.Semester has started and the schoolbell has begun; 2 more years of university and then I am done studying! Will be posting more intellectual shit (hopefully, anyway) this year.


  1. Hey, was scouring for shisha joints via Google and I was directed to your blog. Apart from the shisha-related posts, I think you have a delightful blog. Not to mention that you have a great sense of humour :)

    It's amazing how you seem to frequent the shisha spots in Jalan Damai as I do, but I don't seem to remember bumping into you. I used to think that Damascus Gate was the best of all the Jalan Damai eateries, but their shisha sucks donkey balls so bad these days, I resumed patronage at Al-Amir (or Zahrat al-Khaleeg) now.

    If I happen to see you anywhere, don't be too shocked if a stranger comes over to your table to say hello. It might just be me :) Keep up with the writing goods, eh.

  2. @Zetty wow wow wow, reading your comment really really made my day =) i don't know what to say, it's nice to finally meet a fellow blogger from malaysia who shishas frequently as i do! thank you so much for the compliments, i do not deserve even half of it, but you made me smile so much today! and probably for the rest of my blogging days. i really appreciate you taking the time to write.

    i would have left the comment at your blog but it's set to private readers. i wanna know more about your exploits in shisha too! and yes i'm always at al-khaleeg now (i was there yesterday night).

    please say hi if you see me the next time as i have no idea how you look like, and it'd be nice to talk to another fellow shisha-lover from kl.

    love love love to you!

  3. Yeah, I almost forgot that I have a blog. But I've stopped writing since April last year due to some serious spam attacks. I'm just paranoid like that :P But you're not missing much, really. I haven't written anything that revolves around my shisha escapades (in fact, there's really nothing worth displaying for public reading anyway).

    Awwww, you were at Al-Amir that night? I was at Damascus Gate, but not for shisha. A friend and I were dying for hummous so we made our way to Damascus Gate. Although the shisha there sucks, I have to admit they still serve decent food. But I'm still loyal with Al-Amir and still believe that they whip up one of the best shishas around Jalan Damai. And hopefully will get to meet you in person :)


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