Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hurrah for internet connection!

Finally my housemates fixed a new internet connection for the house - our old one had "baki tertunggak" (leftover payments) from the previous housemates. Harumph, it really disrupted the work. Seeing as google is our best friend for assignments haha!

A lot has happened.. we have at least minimum three presentations every week, and since the mid semester break is over our lecturers are determined to bombard us with quizzes and tests. So I have been busy. This has not been helped by Sarah lending me her Twilight collection books. Nuuu. I finished half the book last night when I was supposed to be studying, ehh.A cockroach climbed over my roomie's face and she leapt out of bed, though I was fast asleep. I told her, the cockroach probably went on my face first and realized there was no interaction with me so the roachie jumped ship to her face.

I know people say Valentine's Day is commercialized, overrated, it suxxxx blah blah but whatever, to me if you have that special someone, you just go out and celebrate. I mean, if you are with someone you're going to end up having dinner with them or lunchies or whatever spectacular plans it is, right? So might as well reap the benefits.

He took me to this spectacular place called Tatto in Jalan Damai, Ampang. It was a cozy Italian restaurant with expensive food pickings. But it was so romantic, they placed rosebuds in a heart pattern on the table and sprinkled glitter all over the table. He made me close my eyes all the way in the car to the restaurant.
The front menu.
It was really romantic but he destroyed the petals when he pulled his chair closer to mine.
He was looking pretty hot in a white-and-blue-stripey shirt.
The patio outside with an authentic oven.
The settings was more dim than this.
We shared beef carpaccio. This was really good. Mmm. I salivate just to think of it.
My crabmeat risotto. This was quite delicious, although I felt that the crabmeat was not enough/big enough =/
His angus beefsteak penne or something, I forgot. This was okay.

As always, I am behind my blogs, but thanks to the internet connection, there'll be more frequent updates. Huzzah. I need to go and "lepak" at other places in KL btw, so bored of shisha shisha shisha in damai (which has new staff btw =( ). Any recommendations? Anyone wanna jump on board?


  1. ah... need to go your side of town... I think I'm off sheysha now. Haven't gone for yonks!


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