Thursday, December 20, 2012

28. grooming and make-up

Nowadays I'm leaning more towards clothes that covers my aurat ("skin"/"flesh"). It's nice to wear baju kurung (Malaysia's traditional outfit) especially to work. It's easy to wear and doesn't require much effort on my part.

I find myself making more of an effort now going out, such as curling my hair, putting on make-up, etc.   It's amazing what a little foundation, powder, smudge of eyeliner,  and lipstick can do for you.

I never really liked putting on lipstick until I finally found the perfect shade for me, which is Maybelline's Color Sensation lipstick in coral crush. Now that I've found the perfect shade, I think I always look bland and "just-got-out-of-bed" if I decide to forego it. 

Here's a few looks of me with the lipstick. Now I'm on the hunt for more great lipsticks and eyeliners. Revlon's eyeliners, no matter how self-proclaimed it claims to be "smudgeproof" and "stays on forever"always tends to wear off after a few hours of wear. I love their foundation and primer though.

What lipstick colors would you recommend for a dark, Asian tone for me? :D Here's a picture of my cat, Max, being scared of my pink hairdryer just for fun.

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  1. hai junee, b4 this i cuma your silent reader jerk..hehehehee untill i baca entry ni, i ada attach blog ni utk rujukan u, dia banyak bg tips utk kulit org asia mcm kita ni..
    anyway, u look so sweet bila u pakai baju kurung ( ikhlas )...


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