Wednesday, January 16, 2013

29. birthday chica, amal

I first met Amal in 2006, back when I was doing my diploma in UiTM Lendu, Melaka. We were both taking our diploma in mass communication, and she was my roommate. I was a crazy, broke student back then. We stayed up until 3 am studying eating Maggi noodle cups, highlighting our study books like crazy. 

Hawa, Sarah, Me & Amal (and Rafi at the back grr).

I remembered pissing her off over and over again because I used DMX's "Party Up" as my ringtone and alarm (I always slept through that alarm hahaha). Thanks to a cheap midnight rate by the telco company, I'd be on the phone talking to my ex for an hour after midnight every day, and she would be there, listening over my conversations. 

Amal (center).

After we both graduated from university, the strenuous chain of life that binded us together eventually separated us... work, relationships happened, and we would try to catch up once every few months. No matter how long the stretch, we'd ease back into the comfort of being old friends, and talk as if we had just met yesterday. I haven't seen her for approximately 3 months up until yesterday, to "surprise" her for her birthday.

She's one of my closest friends and everyone I've introduced her to loves her. She's fun, bubbly, makes fun of her own button nose, and it's always all smiles and fun time with her. I hope we can go on a trip together one day, abroad :)

Here's to six years of friendship, my darling Amal.
Happy birthday, quarter of a century years old!
Stay cute, gorgeous, and may Allah bless your life always.
<3 you so much :)

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