Friday, June 14, 2013

56. of weddings #SueShen

Back in 2011 when I was working in Nuffnang's sister agency, Churp Churp, a new girl named Sue came in. She wasn't really shy, she was extroverted and loud and do-as-I-damn-well-please attitude. We had lunch together in a clique a lot - it was me, Farah, Sue, Thara, and on-off Anne.

Ini crazy bunch at Nuffnang/ Churp Churp.

When she was working in Nuffnang, she was still going out with some new guy every other day and playing the "keep it cool" card. I thought to myself, man, this girl is pretty bad ass when it came to guys. When I left the company, we didn't meet for a long time, until one Thara invited me for a catch up dinner because Farah was leaving for Scotland. That sparked off the dinner at random places and shisha sessions.


Suddenly, this guy called Shen came along to one of our lepak sessions... And when I first met him I said to myself, "ohhhkayyy another one of Sue's ahem ahem". But again and again, and againnnn, he was there. Very chill, calm guy. Didn't really talk much to him haha. Then Sue told us, "babe, I'm getting married!" WTF. And she asked us, "can you guys be my bridesmaid?" So honored.

Was at this meet up that Sue told us. 

We shisha-ed more after the announcement, and she passed us kain to wear for her wedding. Slowly, I got to know her fiancee more, throughout more shisha sessions. The months drew closer, and finally, one weekend came where it was her wedding reception (in Perak)!

Sue looked unbelievably stunning. As we saw them both walk down the aisle, you knew that love was in the air, and no two people suited each other better. 

The next weekend was the reception in Penang, so me and him took the four hour drive up to Penang. It was a beautiful, outdoor wedding, right next to the beach. To everyone's horror, the evening was clouded by hevay rain, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. This is exactly how I imagine my wedding to be (although we could do without the rain).
Here's to #SueShen, may the happy couple embark on a beautiful journey and begin the rest of their lives as husband and wives :) You can now ber-SUEKAHATIHAHA now with your hubby! 

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