Tuesday, September 17, 2013

64. omg okay i'm sorry

The truth is I have been so, so, busy - what with the recent hari raya aidilfitri (eid mubarak) celebrations, me moving houses (to a house that was not lived in for one year, so dusty ohhh), and weddings after weddings after weddings. 

I even received an email from an upset reader stating that she was bored of my instagram updates and wanted my "witty banter and musings". Is it really witty? I did not think so. I used to think I was blogging for myself, but after receiving comments and emails, and the inquisition from my friends, I guess I was blogging for others as well. Thanks for reading, guys :) I *hope* to keep blogging more frequently.
Wish I had more time like these guys... oiiii....

Since there's been too much happening since the last update, I'll just leave you with a juicy detail... that my parents finally met his parents! Let's just keep it at that ;)

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