Sunday, June 1, 2014

81. Saturday with Seqoci's 1st Anniversary Tea Party

I received an invite to help emcee and help the launch of Seqoci's 1st Anniversary Tea Party on Saturday, 31st May at Royale Bintang Curve. I agreed to it because Tassa, a friend from a workplace had invited me, and another ex-colleague, Adeline, would be there. So I thought it would be super fun to work again with these ladies!

Adeline, Tassa and me!

(I don't really have any individual shots at the moment, Tassa is probably editing it cause I look like such a berk lol). It was a very intimate and casual event, with less than 40 pax. The guests comprised of winners of some Seqoci contests, Seqoci fans and Seqoci vendors.

(Sorry Suzy! Tak jumpa on IG, nanti I cari you  - picture from Seqoci IG)

Everyone was really attentive to Suzy, Seqoci's make-up artists for models photoshoot, as she demonstrated a day look and a night look on participants. I learned a lot about using base make up for the face, the differences between pressed, loose and compact powder. A trick to keeping make-up stay on is to use ice on your face before placing your foundation. Suzy was very helpful on the shades to use for Asian skin tone. Will definitely KIV her for my wedding make-up!

CandySofea giving tutorial on Adeline- taken by me

Another talented lady who spoke for the day was CandySofea; This model-cum-youtuber was very sweet in demonstrating different and creative ways to play with the hijab style of tudung. She even dressed up Adeline, who was a volunteer to try on a hijab style. You can check out her instagram at

Asides from the interesting tutorials, Seqoci had a special preview and sales for the guests, including Maysaa, Raqtive, Sooka Scarf, Kyla Ruiz, Nade el Luna and other brands, just to name a few.

We took home an awesome goodie bag containing:
  •  A black slip skirt from Maysaa
  • A black chiffon shawl from Miasweetopia
  • Yasin and tasbih courtesy of Telekung Kareful
  • RM 100 Seqoci voucher
All the brands are available under Seqoci, of course. Thanks Seqoci for organizing such a great event! It was a really great event to meet so many sweet and talented girls, some from Bangi, Ampang etc. I had a blast emceeing the event, and it helped my communication skills immensely.

And ohhh yeah! Some shots with big boss, Danny! This is the talented bunch behind Seqoci (minus Nana, who's sick). Visit for the latest and trendiest Muslimah apparels! 

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