Saturday, April 25, 2015

95. an amazing time at jakarta part 1

I've been planning some projects as a freelancer, so earlier in April, me, L, and her mom went to Jakarta to source some funky and cool fabrics for our secret project (which will be not so secret soon). I was blessed to be staying at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta and sharing a Superior Room with L.

Call me jakun, but as soon as we entered my mind was blown. Maybe because I don't travel as much, but the hotel room was freaking huge. I love Jakarta. I love you, Pullman.

When you open your door, this is what awaits you.

If you walk straight, the tv cabinet acts as a divider between the "living room" and the "bed room". 

To the right of the "bedroom". Toilet en suite, enough for the diva in me. 

I freaked out when I saw the bath tub, yayyy. 

 The mini walk-in wardrobe with two types of robes; kimono and cotton wool.

The fountain near the area where we stayed. There's a lot of hotels at this area.

This was the BEST peking duck I've ever had. This is from Grand Duck King at Grand Indonesia Mall. Just thinking of this duck is making me drool.

The lovely company I was with! All that yummy food, gobble gobble.

LV just across our hotel, wow! That shopping mall is like the Pavilion of Jakarta haha. Woke up on Sunday to see this crowd of people walking, cycling, and skating around. Not really sure why.

Me and L waiting for the lift!

Pullman Jakarta completely changed my views on hotels. We were treated like a queen. I hope to stay at more Pullman hotels around the world, was completely satisfied with the stay, including the amazing breakfast buffet! To see the breakfast buffet variety and where we went to, wait for part 2, jeng jeng jeng.

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