Wednesday, April 15, 2015

94. Birthday at Dolly Dim Sum!

I celebrated my 27th Birthday last week (how time flies! Only seems yesterday that I was 24 years old hehe) and the lovely Hanis, Wenyi & Melvin belanja-ed me dinner at Dolly Dim Sum.

The food was so delicious, Alhamdulillah. What made the night was when a bunch of sombrero-wearing waiters came to our table and started serenading me with Happy Birthday on an acoustic guitar. It was so funny!

What a cute cake, masha Allah!

My partner in crime, Hanis. We do social media freelancing.

Alhamdulillah, this year Allah has granted me with so many blessings, and I am always counting them. I am happily married, this year we bought a house together and will be purchasing a car soon for Raya, I we hope to adorn the house with love, laughter, and the smell of freshly baked cookies. Allah also opened my heart to wear a hijab. I am still learning, hehe, so forgive me if my tudung seems wonky or creased. 

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