Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Palembang Day 1: Pempek & Patin

We recently went to Palembang to visit my brother's in-laws, Pak Hatim and his wife.

Palembang, honestly, is one of those cities that you go to just to eat.

It's also best if you could hire your own driver, which was graciously provided to us by Pak Hatim, during our visit there.

Upon landing, the driver, Pak Feri, picked us up from the airport and took us straight to Pak Hatim's house. It's a nice house nestled in the busy hustle and bustle of the city. We were served Pempek, one of the iconic and signature food. It's essentially varieties of fishcake, made from fish paste and tapioca. Pempek is usually served with kuah cuka. It is served grilled, steamed or fried. 

I love the courtyard; there are some singing birds who respond to you when you whistle to them.

Very gladiator-like decor in the courtyard!

Lunch was served; Ikan Patin, otherwise known as Silver Catfish was served three ways;
  • Pindang (which was some lemongrass, red onions, chilli, tomatoes, galangal, pineapple and some other ingredients I can't remember);
  • Tempoyak (fermented durian)
  • Asam pedas (sour spicy)
If you've never tasted Ikan Patin, you should try and taste the wild/ River Ikan Patin. It tastes very fresh, but it has a slight muddy taste to it.

There were also king prawns, which I was too lazy to peel.

I loved the Ayam Kampung masak Kicap - organic chicken cooked in a sweet, soya broth. I also loved the Sambal Tempe (fermented soybeans in spicy sambal sauce).

My parents (my mom in leopard; my dad in black), and Pak Hatim and wife before the meal!

It was such warm hospitality, we couldn't thank them enough, especially after such a big feast. You can imagine, after the meal, we were very full and proceeded to head to the hotel. We stayed at Emilia Hotel by Amazing, located right next to Palembang Indah Mall.

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