Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today marks our one year anniversary, when we were officially Husband-And-Wife.

Being married for one year so far has been blissful; every marriage has its' hiccups, and we do have the small arguments. Not the crazy ones though where you're throwing plates at each other. My husband is more conservative with finance and he prefers to stay at home, whereas I tend to splurge more and I like to go to out and explore new shops and restaurants.

It's quite a lot of compromise, but Alhamdulillah, we make it work. My husband calms me down, and he makes me feel most at ease, before bedtime, when he recites passages from the Quran.

I realized I never did a proper post on our solemnization (nikah), so here goes, the day, one year ago, in pictures!

Make up touch by Sabrina Hashim. She's awesome.

One of my closest friend; we've known each other for over ten years; we fought over boys, men, every thing. She was there for me, and is now a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Our friendship has matured and grown.

The groom and his family waiting to be invited into the house. The gifts you see in front of you are hantaran; presents that bride and groom present to each other during the day.

My then-fiance sitting down, preparing to talk to the Tok Kadi (the Solemnizer who represents our Islamic Religious office).

The Tok Kadi talks about the obligations and responsibilities of a husband before the akad nikah (formal contract of marriage, verbally and on paper).

The Tok Kadi makes him read his responsibilities and duties as a husband. He's laughing because I told the Tok Kadi in advanced that my husband is "pelat" (slight lisp) in Malay, so the Tok Kadi was making fun of him.

The lafaz akad nikah ceremony, where the imam will say that the groom agrees to marry the bride, and the groom must reply without hesitation, stuttering or errors. Alhamdulillah, took my husband just one try!

I only saw this picture one year post-wedding! This is my dad, and looking at this pictures makes me so emotional; it was very hard to hold back tears during the event. This was during the doa (prayer) read by the Tok Kadi for a happy and blessed marriage. 

Hehe he placed the ring on my hands. That was the first time we actually managed to talk to each other!

My family.

My grandma, brother, sister-in-law and aunties.

My new family!

My husband's grandma.


The dulang girls (bridesmaids) who helps me through this crazy day.

Or you can just watch this video for the fastest recap hehe. Happy first anniversary, b! I love you.

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