Monday, March 30, 2009

St. Patricks Day.

AAARGHHH don't you just hate it when you've just hanged (hung? hang-ed? ahh forget it) your laundry and a few minutes later you can hear thunder rolling in the background and it's raining heavily. I love rain, but I hate having to re-hang the laundry in the kitchen, because most of the clothes are hanged (/hung) on wires.


Why is it raining constantly in Malaysia nowadays anyway? Monsoon season is supposed to start in a few months, and it is raining almost every bloody day! It's like a scene from the movie The Day After Tomorrow, except your hero-ine is afraid of rehanging her laundry instead of flight turbulence.


Me,Dan and Sheila went to St. Patrick's Day event a while ago, which was celebrated in One Utama. It was an excellent event, lots of people just came back from work and were guzzling Guiness to their heart's content.

Our balloon tower which grew to be 1 storey tall, and some video producer asked us to take it down because it was blocking their recording shot =(
Dan taking pictures of the balloons.
The stage, pre-event. Notice the colour-coordinate tables which was alternately covered with lime green and black tablecloths.
Just random camwhoring. This is my blog, after all. No make-up, scary!
They had a mechanical bull-riding machine and it was so violent! It nearly ripped the floor apart too.
Dan gets on shamelessly and a crowd gathers. He enjoys it even more.
He was quite good too, and lasted a good 4-5 minutes!
trying to look nonchalant. The table behind us had 15 glasses of Guiness -_-
Shamrockin lamps and flyers everywhere.
SUMO-WRESTLING was the most entertaining activity! We had to get into this suit that was 5 inches thick (I fucking kid you not) and it took me 3 guys and 10 minutes to get in because it was simply too huge! There was supposed to be extra padding for the fingertips and toes but the guys gave up trying to put it on because it was just too huge. I'm with the red spandex, Dan's in blue.
One Utama also had an indoor sports tryouts. Camp5, is a huge rock-climbing gym where Dan works at.
Sheila tries to race with Dan but his experience in climbing proves to be too good/fast.
The happy loser! What legs. Poke.
Pre-rock climbing.
Batting cage. This was super fun too, but the balls already whizzed by before you barely lifted the bat. Haha, that sounds wrong.
Me and Sheila on the way back from Melaka to KL.
Only in Malaysia can you find vehicles that are carrying way more load than they're supposed to! The milkcan ate the driver!

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