Thursday, March 19, 2009

The introduction.

My name is Junee, a student currently living between Melaka (where I am studying) and Kuala Lumpur (where my family is). I'm studying Mass Communication, and I have been blogging for almost eight (8) years, sometimes unfrequently, and most of the entries are private.

So HERE is where I hope to blog more sensibly and less about dramas and pmsing and emotions running high. Here is where I post what I see everyday, what it is like to live as a Malaysian student through my eyes!

I drink coffee way too much (Nescafe should sponsor me, I give out the 3-in-1s to my levelmates almost every day =/), I'm loud and noisy, a little materialistic, daydreamer to the point of being a little annoying, and I am not afraid to speak what is on my mind.

It's 2 am in the morning, I have just repaired my Acer laptop of less than 1 year for the second time (and somehow my webcam rosak and my battery life kong from 40 minutes --> 15 minutes when I sent it for repair), and now I cannot click the start button.

I hate Acer. Make me loose my work twice already (first time I didn't buy an external hard drive yet and I had to pay RM 80 to back up data, second time my external hard drive rosak and was sent for repair). All Western Digital and Acer products sucks, sigh.

I wish I was one of those bloggers who was paid to use items, sighh.

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