Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock climbing!

Last Thursday, I finally got over my fear of gayat (heights) by rock-climbing at Camp5, where my boyfriend works. I'm still nauseous at the thought of climbing 8 meter high walls, but it was fun and challenging! Pictures describes it better!
My warm up exercise. Was scary at first!
Chunky thighs climbing.
My boyfriend traversing like a cicak (gecko house lizard).
wall, it's 26 m (I think) high. I got halfway up and got tired, ha.

I made the mistake of climbing the sentinel wall three hours after rock climbing. It was so frustrating to wanting to climb more, but my fingers were blistered and my palm was sweaty. Burn (another worker) asked me to go with a bunch of people to climb at Batu Caves the next day, because he was doing a BBQ as well. Reluctantly I agreed...
The stupid jam on the way. It was a Friday morning and good God I don't think I have the patience to drive through KL from my house if I had a regular 9-5 office job o_o
3 other hitchhikers. 3 single guys all stuck together.
We stopped to buy chicken for the BBQ on the way.. the chickens were still alive when we came. Super fresh.
Danial H. admiring Desmond's gadget. Set him back way over RM 10K!
Syazzy taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
The spectacular sight that greeted us!
There were already some people doing lead and top rope.
Noel, super climber with endless carabiners.
Me and my bf helping Burn to chop garlic with swiss army knives and pound them with a rock lol.
Burn's on my right. My bf with his new geeky hairdo.
Can you see the huge ass boulder? It seems like it will topple and crush us any time soon.
See the size comparison to Noel!
I think this is the 20+ meter rope. Twing.
The bf climbing in jeans, no less.
The guys seems to like wondering around topless.
Noel sunbathes and Nick looks on.
Obligatory shot. I have rabbit teeth!
Oya and some guy bbq-ing the 12 kg of fresh chicken!
Mmm.. chicken.

There wasn't enough time/harness/routes for me to do the rock climbing and honestly, I confess that I think I was trying to put it off. It doesn't look huge in the pictures, but the caves are horrifyingly high and gigantic, and I'd like to practice a wee bit more before I try to conquer the rough terrains. I want to keep doing this, but Camp5's cost are too pricey (RM 30++ including harness and shoes) for me so I'll try out at Shah Alam or Wangsa Maju.

If you haven't done rock climbing you should try it out. It's free for first timers (Camp5).

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