Monday, June 8, 2009

Thar she blows.

I went back to my kampung in Melaka on Sunday, to visit my grandfather and my cousins. How they grow! Since I last saw my cousin (5 months ago), they have grown taller and now are taller than me (compared to last time when they were up to my shoulders). And they're only 13 years old!
Me and my brother on the way to Melaka..
My naughty cousins! Forgive my face mask, eghh.
Amin. This one grows sideways, not height-length.

I was on my way back to KL from Melaka (3 hours journey by the way! Bumper-to-bumper traffic... compared to the normal 1 hour 30 minutes!) and my boyfriend called me to tell me he was invading the swimming pool at my condo.

When I arrived, this was what I found;
Tarzan man-thing.
Olymphic races where some of them swam in the opposite direction.
Maybelline model in the making.
Head of the monyetx2, my boyfriend.
Tarzan number 2.
Bloated walrus.

Never know what you will find in your swimming pool!

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