Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life in pictures.

So recently.. it's all been cheap food.
Shogun (One Utama) has a promotion of 50% discount on their lunch buffets, and 30% discount on their dinner buffet. Being the cheap food connoisseurs that we are, we opted for the lunch discount. The first time we went we had to wait close to 2 hours for a table.
Shark fin's soup on the left... no shark! Teppanyaki was nice.
Don't touch the oyster! Not fresh. Blegh.
Food so good I have some on my lips!

The second time we went to Shogun, we tried to book a few days in advance... FULLY BOOKED! But walk-ins available. The guy advised to wait around 9.30 am. So that we did. We were first in line, and an hour later, this was the abominable queue..
Excuse my pose! People getting hungry and impatient.

And at 11 am the hostess started handing out numbers. Some foolish people tried to cut the queue, but those who arrived early voiced their angry concerns with WEH WEHH!
At 11.45 a.m. everybody is antsy because everybody wants to get a place...

SHOGUN I am utterly disappointed in you. How is it fully booked if 300++ people can arrive for the walk-in reservations. A group of 16 people could enter as walk-in (we haf table) but we could not reserve. The management dealt with this wrongly... the waiting crowd outside was like a mob gang waiting orders from their mob boss.

Some tips:
  • Do not touch the raw stuff if you go.. it all smells and is not fresh.
  • Especially the tuna.. it smells funny.
  • Raw oysters are for the brave!
  • Go there for the teppanyaki, especially lamb + the mushrooms.
  • Tempura also not bad.
  • The okonomiyaki very good, but it finishes fast. Ask the chef to reserve for you.
  • Lamb shanks are a miss, very dry and not tender.
  • Most of the drinks are too sweet + cordial. Stick to the green tea or honey green tea.
  • Don't take too much of the eel, it is not to everybody's taste.
  • Shark fin's soup is msg msg and msg, no vinegar! Taste some only to whet your curiosity.
  • Try to eat the hot stuff first and cold stuff later; if you attack the sashimi bar first you will get nauseaus.
  • Avoid most rice! The handrolls sounds nice but it was very disappointing.
  • Arrive early to avoid disappointment.
ALAS the promotion finished yesterday but those wanting to try the buffet can still follow these guidelines. More pictures will be posted.. when I get them from Sha.


At the "Monsters & Dinosaurs" Expo in Mid Valley... Disappointing to say the least.
Some giant spiders in the background.
A kopiah-wearing dinosaur.

The labels were all weird.. according to the signs + posters, the t-rex "probably" lived in a forest. Crowd management control was zero, the dinosaurs faulty necks and body parts were fixed with black cellotape, the "monster" in question was a giant grasshopper and a MONSTER shoe, and the dinosaurs were not that big at all.


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