Monday, September 28, 2009


Me yesterday: It's ok b, you don't have to come today.
Him: But I want to see you.
Me: Come tomorrow then.
Him: Okay.


Him: B what time are you coming?
Me: ????
Him: I'm waiting for you to come over.
Me: You're supposed to drive over!
Him: Didn't you say...
Me: AGH. I didn't eat cause I was waiting for you to come over.
Him: Do you want me to come over?
Me: Do you?
Him: Up to you. If you want me then okay I will.
Me: I don't want to force you.
Him: So do you want me to come over????
Me: It's ok you don't have to.


The last line was said because I was so pissed off at him. I wish he had an eidetic memory so he can recall every damn thing I said. So fucking pissed off and hungry. Not a good combination. Now I have to cook. What is there in the kitchen. Rice, lemons, and a yellow pepper. Anchovies too. Gah. Screw boys.

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