Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great fortune.

Sometimes good fortune strikes people. When it does, sometimes it strikes them at the same time twice, thrice, maybe even more. I was lucky enough to receive an SLR from my dad after endless years of bugging him (sometimes you need to push good fortune's buttons a bit). I guess now my blog will be turning into a photoblog - you can see my life bit by bit as I describe it with words and visuals. Ah well, it might just be interesting.
NIKON D3000 BABY! After researching online, scouting several shops and asking store assistants keen on getting their commision for this month, I found that many recommended the NIKON D3000 as a good camera for entry-level photographers. I am a really amateur one at that time, but thank god I knew the basic stuff; aperture, shutter speed, iso, filters etc. So far it's amazing.

I searched six different shops for this and every shop was sold out. Finally found the FOTOKEM hidden gem at One Utama. The guy who helped me was Mister Fuza. For RM 2400 I got:

  • Body + lens
  • Tripod
  • 8GB memory card
  • Remote control
  • 2+1 warranty.
I went to Digital Mall later on and I found out I was ripped off because at RM 2400 I should be receiving the filters, cleaning kit and lcd protector. Fuckkk. Well, I will be saving my ass up and hope that by next year I can purchase wide lens and expand my range. Right now I will keep playing with it and hopefully I can be somesort of an average photographer.
Testing out the remote control thingy. I ripped off my wallpaper because it was peeling off thanks to mildew =O

And I received this along a shopping trip with my parents.

SANUK FLIP-FLOPS! Fucking expensive., RM 158 at Bata, Great Eastern Mall. But who would pass it up when my mom was feeling super generous. It's very supportive and has a light wooden wedges support to give you that extra inch.
HP colour printer, RM 199. Now I don't have to fork out RM 3 for every cover page I print for my assignment.
Marks & Spencer on another random trip with my mom. o_o I am not complaining I guess.
Also received this beautiful MNG hobo from my boyfriend.

Right now I am feeling extremely spoilt and thankful. How I wish it could continue like this! But then I would be lazy. I am really thankful and could not be happier. Life really does have its positives sometimes.

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