Thursday, November 19, 2009

It has been raining heavily for the past few days. I love curling up in bed, the warmth of the sheets enveloping me and him sleeping next to me. The skyline is blurred and foggy, all you want to do is bake warm cookies, the smell of home wafting in the air, and sleep.

Getting ready for a night out, I discovered my mom's old boots. How wrong I was, eight years back, scoffing at her boots and its lack of style. My feet have grown and though the boots are slightly too big, I am in love. It reminded me of Alexa Chung and her stick thin pins plodding around urban cities with boots, she looks amazing!
Almost 9 years!
Her boots.
Short and stumpy me!

I bumped into my cousin whilst shisha-ing (a regular daily thing now, my lungs will be smoked out by the time I am fourty). I was thinking to myself, why is that girl squinting at me. Then she and I broke into a grin, recognizing each other's familiar face.
Yes, she is the one pointing a "gun" to my head.
Amir and Dennis contemplating chinese poker.
Stainless steel and Moroccon tea.
I love this orange wall, it's a perfect colour to do shots against.
The fluffy pink pipe. First I have ever seen of its kind in Malaysia!

And that concludes the wonderful night I had. Will be visiting this place soon (Damascus Gates, Jalan Damai, Ampang - look out for the one with a big yellow sign).


  1. lovely photos! i love alexaaa :)

  2. lovely pics - its been raining non stop here! Yuck x

  3. Lovely photos. I think cold winters days spent inside just watching everything out a window is such an amazing way to waste/spend time lol

  4. yr so cute! i love your take on alexa's look, so chic;)

    xx raez

  5. @lilee thank you, i love your beret
    @kirsty rain is good, such a nice change from the horrible heat
    @Ariel thank you, the beach looks really warm and inviting
    @Miri we don't have winter here haha =D
    @Raez your outfits are waaay more chic ok, with sequins ;)


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