Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cheap things + little gestures goes a long way.

I went to my mom's new house in Putrajaya today, and it seems to be a really nice neighborhood. There are no fences, everything is open air concept. Thieves would probably have a ripe picking, but I do not think they will attempt it as police surveillance is medium, and all the neighbours are the types you see from The Stepford Wives.
The back of the house. You can walk your dogs here or whatever.
The neighbour's awesome porch. It's a really nice place to relax and drink tea after work.
My mom's gorgeous dining table!

He came over the other day to the house, and I was utterly thrilled to find this at my dresser when I went into my room. Such a small present but it really warmed my heart! I used to be the girl who did not like flowers, thought it was an absolute waste to buy something that eventually would rot anyway, but I guess it is different when it is from someone you have given your heart to.

Typical shisha session we had at this new place called Damascus Gates which was good the first time, but it sucked so much the second time round. Bleurgh. The architecture is very fanciful, though.
Scary cat lady.. Only joking, this is Sha.

Lunch at Kenny Rogers in Times Square. Man alive! I love chicken.
My three sidedishes. I loveloveloooove their potato salad, and this is probably the only place where I don't like the chicken much.
The bf's plate. The pasta thingy was horrible, eurghhh. Sorry baby, my three sidedishes were way better and slightly cheaper!

I found these two cheap tops I purchased in Times Square; yesss I admit, I'm a cheapskate when it comes to clothes. I would rather spend RM 100 on 5 dresses than RM 100 on a single dress from a "high end" store. End of the day, you only wear it less than 5 times, they are both mass produced, and it's not like people even see your label. Working in retail for close to two years made me realized; no matter the brand name, they all are usually made from China or Mexico, with cheap fabrics.
RM 19; approximately USD$ 6/ UK pounds 3.39
RM 25; approximately USD $7.36/ UK pounds 4.46

*according to University Currency Converter


  1. omg you are making me die, the food looks so good.

  2. ! THanks for the comment. I bought it at Urban Outfitters 2 years ago for li think like $45

  3. love your dining table! where did your mom bought it? i wanna buy a house in putrajaya tooooo but maybe not in the near future, a small apartment would suffice for now :)

    and high fives bargain hunter! ;)

  4. so cool! i love the pics of the scenery and the food:P

    xx raez


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