Wednesday, December 2, 2009

christmas spirits.

Although many of my foreign friends find it hard to fathom celebrating christmas in a tropical heat and predominantly Muslim country, here are some of the decorations to usher in the celebrations:
But where is the Christmas Tree? =(

Me and him went to eat Banana Leaf Rice yesterday at some obscure place off a highway. I can't remember the name of the place; it was damn expensive too. RM 19 for two banana leaf rice, one small assed chicken, one lime juice and one barley. Fark. I am better off sticking to nearby banana leaf restaurants.
Miserable sod.
RM 5 per serving, without rice. Fucking expensive.
At least they threw rice bits to the cooing pigeons outside.
My new obsession: Buttermilk bun from RotiBoy. RM 2. Get it get it. It tastes so good.

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