Wednesday, December 2, 2009


3 years ago, i did a few things that gradually caused me to loose my closest friends. at that time, i was stupid and blind, concluding simply on what i heard and not listening to my closest friend, who i should have turned to and confronted. looking back, i wish i could shake that person whose ego was sky-high, and tell her what a mistake she has made and what a stupid, reckless person she is. in that situation, where i thought i was wrong, i was angry for only a few weeks but my pride and ego got in the way; i refused to talk to my friends.

3 years later on i had finally apologized and said sorry. i have really missed them all. especially my best friend. i do not know how it is going to go but hope that they believe and accept my sincere apology; and since we can't start anew, i want to believe the past is the past. i was a different person back then. "forgive but not forget", she said. and i understand this; although it is in the past, the raw pains and scars are still there.

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