Friday, December 4, 2009

banter and laughter.

Ahhh i miss hanging out with my friends, especially since college drove us apart. it is a rare occasion that we can meet and lepak. laughter abound, with good food and the gap of something plus months plus a surprise appearance by an old friend made it one of the funnest nights i ever had since i left school.
IDK why everyone is leaning forward in this picture.
S is weirded out by me.
My best impression of a certain female botoxed-to-death artist. Guess who?
I look all crazy.
Amir crazy shisha whore.
Him arm-wrestling with Johnny.
Molesting S off-center.
Such looove.
I seem to be a bit touchy feely tonight.
Semi-group photo.

And you know it's not a Junee post unless I post some pictures of foods. Hee hee.
Waffle stick with "authentic" European strawberries. Sooo good. RM4 (USD $1.18/ 0.71 UK pounds) at One Utama Food Court.
Homemade spinach fettucine with carbonara sauce. Just bung it all in.

Some corporate wigs opened this candy shop called Sticky at One Utama where it's "traditional handmade yummies" so I decided to nose around.
Wary people blocking the store entrance.
Making the sticky sticky.

But for RM 9.90 (USD $2.92/1.78 UK pounds)for a damn lollipop, no thank you. I will buy two of those delicious waffles, mm.

P.s. Go and watch Ninja Assasin dammit. Who gives a rats nest about the plotline, the truth is you just want to watch Rain's body in action. Mwahaha.


    pretty impressive likeness in that photo actually hahah

  2. Nice pictures!! Looked like you wear having a lot of fun!!

  3. haha! cute pictures! loving the janet jackson impression too:)

    xx raez

  4. haha i was aiming tsa tsa gabor but now that you guys have mentioned janet...


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