Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3. diamonds and sparkles

I love sequinned/glittery/sparkly dresses. Granted, that you need a super toned body and cool haircut to pull off the intricacies of such a dress. But if I had that much money and haircut I don't think I would have given a damn on how I look. How amazing are these FARAH KHAN dresses?

L. amanda, rm 4749 (my favourite). R. hilary, rm 3682.

L. kathleen, rm 2700. R. michela rm 2951.

Completely gorgeous and stunning, i hope to see them on more celebrities for more exposure. I would wear any of these dresses with nude pumps, hair slicked up in a messy chignon and diamond studs. simple and elegant. Those are from the Farah Khan collection [source].

P.S. I am proud to add that she is a Malaysian-born designer :) Much like our Jimmy Choo.


  1. Beautiful - Love the last one!!

  2. Your sparkles definitely beat my sparkles!

  3. They are all my favourites, especially the "Amanda"... definately attracts attention.

  4. :) I think because it's too much sparkles, here.

  5. I also love sequins. these ddresses are really pretty. Maybe we can follow each other?


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