Thursday, June 23, 2011

4. from the getgo til the sundown.

Before I start my full-time, permanent job (and save up for that Eurotrip), I love the little things in life that makes you smile just for a second.

1. The beautiful sunset from my balcony.
It is breathtaking. And I get to see this every evening :)

2. Meeting up with people who have been away overseas studying
... and eating bbq chicken noodles that win at life. Welcome back Mayyyy!

3. Focusing more on the amazing bbq chicken wantan noodles.
I had more chicken than May's plate, hee. Yes, there will be plenty of food picture spam on my blog. Malaysian food is super-delicious. Mindblowing.

4. Witnessing my friends porking out.
Sarah and her pepperoni pizza. If she had told me she was too stuffed to eat it earlier instead of forcing it all away, I would have gladly eaten it.

5. Trying to be more original/eclectic with my style/dressing.
This is my casual day look. Top + leggings is F21, bag is H&M and thongs are from Vincci. Crazy frizzy hair optional (my hair straightener was vibing away electrical shocks). Sorry for the bad quality of the image, my phone is acting up :(

6. Poking Mazeltov endlessly and trying to feed it carrots/sunflower seeds.
Mazeltov bids you goodbye! Jumpa lagi!


  1. I visited Malaysia for three months, and yes the food was gorgeous, you are bringing back yummy memories for me and making me hungry! Yes please to more pictures of the gourmet delights.

  2. @Miss CN ooh which part of Malaysia did you stay at? Or did you backpack to the wonderful paradise islands and to the cityscapes? I miss UK :(

  3. Hmmm yummieee! this made me so hungry!! <3

    Farah from FashionFabrice

  4. its look so delicious darl...
    and your pet so cute, >_<
    come to see my blog...

    with love, xoxo

  5. I wish it was mine, but it's my best friend's pet hamster.


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