Friday, January 6, 2012

10. omelette du fromage?

i have always wanted to travel to paris. one of my wishes. many friends have sojourned to the romantic city of paris, only to return with the comment "yeah, it's beautiful, but it stinks!". like, literally stinks. i would not know.

i visited paris once when i was 10 years old. a kid. i remember visiting disneyland paris and the haunted house was really scary, with the eerily orange pumpkins grinning at you.

at least i get to visit a mini version of the eiffel tower. cardboard version. in malaysia, no less! i hope i'll see paris again. before i'm 30. need to start my own travel piggy bank!

p.s. if you want to visit this little homage to paris, the statue belongs to a quaint cafe called "allo paris!" in damansara perdana. opposite the street heading upwards to metropolitan square.

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