Thursday, January 5, 2012

9. twentytwelve

2012, i welcome you with open arms.

in 2011, i endured the agony of a broken heart. of someone who cheated on me. the worst thing was he cheated on me with a friend i knew. the pain was almost too much to bear. i was with this guy, i gave him my heart and soul, for almost 6 years.

at that time, i was transitioning into a new job. it was a lot to take in. thankfully, my new job kept my occupied without thoughts of him.

the heart is a fragile thing, almost paper thin. when i discovered the truth, yes i cried. for hours. wondering all the what-ifs. was it my fault? i blamed myself for so long. i destroyed my own self, drinking, smoking, going out with all the douchebags of the world.

then i realised only you can make yourself free. only you, only have the power to be the phoenix that rises free from the ashes. i will be happy. i will be free.

and so, for 2012, i have vowed to:-
  • be fitter and toned. bootcamps and futsal!
  • save up money and travel to at least 3 different countries
  • start learning how to invest my money
  • redecorate my room
  • will not be afraid in relationships
  • to try and blog at least once a week
all these goals are achievable so hopefully at the end of this year I will be crossing them all out. hopefully you guys made some resolutions that you will be sticking to throughout 2012!


  1. way to go girlfriend! keep the spirit up! you'll always be our cuddly wuddly furby and we'll always have your back. no matter what! <3

  2. Hahah cuddly wuddly furby -___-

    Thanks for the support babe <3 Means a lot to me :)


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