Wednesday, October 17, 2012

16. lights, camera, action

This week, the Bajugraphy team have been thrusted under the spotlight. We had a shoot for TV3's Nona on Monday, a team photoshoot on Tuesday, and on Friday we will be appearing in a newspaper :) We are also running a competition with, which is super awesome.

Outtakes from team photoshoot.

When people ask us about what we think about our competitors, honestly, to me, there's no such thing as competitors, only that there are other fashion businesses run by people who are passionate about it, just like us, and doing what they love. It's also healthy, because it forces you to continuously improve yourself and is a gentle reminder that hey, people will always have options.

Wacky, whimsical, crazy, that's who we are.

It's ultimately the people behind the business who makes it different. I don't think of any other fashion ventures as competitors, only as similar businesses. If everybody had that kind of selfish mindset then no businesses would not be able to thrive because every business would be monopolized by one entity.

BTW, the Bajugraphy team wants to give back to the community, so in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, from 19 - 31 October, we will be giving out homemade pink ribbons and donating RM 1 for every item purchased to National Cancer Society Malaysia. Join us in the fight against cancer :)

Say NO to Breast Cancer!

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