Thursday, October 18, 2012

17. rainbow sweetness.

I talk a bit too much about work sometimes. So here's a blog post for Sue :) I used to work at Nuffnang - great place, and I still keep in touch with some of my ex-colleagues, meeting up with them for dinners and such things from time to time.


We all met at Frontera, Jaya One to celebrate Sue's birthday :) I finally met her significant other. They both seemed very sweet together, sharing food together and all. Then I received a surprising news. :0 What is it? If you're still following my blog next year... you'll know :)

The rainbow cake from Lola was very very cute, can I have one for my birthday? I want to blow out candles to rainbow layers of wishing this and that.

It's always great to meet these girlies (plus Victor, ex-Nuffnanger I met after I left). It's always great to meet Anne and Thara (hot mama-to-be) whenever I can. Nowadays I'm super busy, cos I'm doing my full-time job and I'm handling two side projects. So yep, it's a little hectic! But I'm gonna try and stick to blogging daily (*snorts*).

That's me and boredom whilst waiting for a super long traffic light on the way to work. Nothing to do with driving recklessly; I've timed this traffic light to perfection every day on the way to work (3 minutes of doing nothing).

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