Friday, February 15, 2013

36. even the flowers turn to the sun for the light

I never really celebrated Valentine's Day, even with my exes, I supposed. I always thought that every day should be Valentine's Day. Why would you need Hallmark to remind you of how much you should love your partner?

Anyway, this year hit me hard.
It was the first time in eight years that I was a lone ranger for the big V. 

Fuck, I woke up on 14th February, with my social media accounts mentioning "Valentine's" in almost every other post, whether to condemn it or to celebrate it. Whatever. I never thought about it until I was bombarded with all these pictures of "THANK YOU BABY" and "FLOWERS FROM MY BOO" . Or turning on the radio to "and.. you're listening to Valentine dedications for your lovers" fu#^&%$#!!

So then, when a guy asked me out on this supposedly speciaaaal day of Valentine's Day, I jumped at it.

I had a date planned. With someone. 
I wasn't gonna be on #teamforeveralone!

But... the plan kind of tanked in the end because the guy was another douche just wanting to use Valentine's as an excuse to get into your pants. Hardeeha. To exploit the commercialism of Valentine's to "get some". So I cancelled it. I was alone. For Valentine's. Watching reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

And then... an old friend called up and hearing the frustration in my voice, insisted on taking me for a walk. To Bukit Bintang.

It was really nice to walk and have a cup of hot coffee and talk about life itself. Nothing about getting laid, nothing about sex, nothing about fucked up relationships. Just about our past aspirations and future goals. Thank you, you know who you are :) Who cares about it so much? Meh. Stop ruffling my own feathers :) 

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